Sunday, February 15, 2009

2/15 Expressions

Yesterday, my daughter and I shopped at the mall. They had a deal: buy $100 worth of merchandise anywhere in the mall, and get 2 tickets to a traveling Broadway play. My daughter bought some clothes on sale. I succumbed to a department store deal in the cosmetics department; spend X and get products worth more than I spent worth of stuff for "free". Wow, just checked on the prices of those tickets. Cheapest is $36. So, my husband and I will be going to the play - my daughter opted out. Yesterday, we took a family member to lunch with us. We got a $50 GC for around $15 to a new place in town. We had a nice lunch - but can't say it was a favorite. But much to our surprise, they gave us $10 in credit for not spending the entire GC. We left the tip in $. So, not bad for 4 people. I plan to give the credit to a co-worker who I am sure loves the type of food served . . . and I am sure she will take her friends - to help boost the patronage. I also shopped at Publix with some "free item coupons" - for $2.05 I got a 16 oz can of Planter's Cashew nuts, a bag of Kraft Polly cheese sticks, 2 lt of diet Dr. pepper, and the 1 cent item, which was a 2 lt of Publix brand soft drink. I am stocked with most of what we need. However, tomorrow, I have the day off - but scheduled my dental cleaning appointment. The place is near an Aldi, so, I plan to pick up fresh produce there.

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