Wednesday, April 30, 2008

4/30 Expressions

The excitement in the mail? Aveeno Anti-aging cream. I got it from my Bzzzz Agent to try. I will be giving it a whirl. They also sent samples/coupons. I will be handing out a few to a few work-mates - I don't think they will be offended :) One of the yellow irises fell over - didn't want it to go to waste - so, now it is in a bud vase with another iris. Nice to bring the outside in. This time I won't remind my husband that I "saved him $30".

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

4/29 Expressions

Mail - a survey check - which is always nice. My daughter won a poster contest. The local chapter of the association had a presentation at a local college. She and my husband went and she was presented with a nice plaque. She also got to meet an astronaut who gave each of them a signed picture. They were also given some nice freebies, including a fleece blanket. They also got a free lunch. These were bonuses for effort.

Monday, April 28, 2008

4/28 Expressions

The only excitement in the mail was a DVD set from cashing in some Pepsi Stuff points. The other excitment is, my daugher owns just over 2 shares of Wrigley's stock. I think I purchased it through "Sharebuilders" a couple of years ago because I read they sent a box of gum to shareholders. I thought that would be exciting for her - and a box of gum every year, a good return for a few shares of stock. We never got a box of gum from Wrigley's - perhaps Sharebuilders did? Anyway, since the merger with Mars Candy was announced - my daughter is $14.XX a share richer today :) You think Mars will send a box of candy? I am sure it would make investing in stocks much more exciting for her.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

4/27 Expressions

I stayed within my grocery budget when I went shopping today. Gas has jumped another 20 cents a gallon from last week. Right after filling up, I went into the grocery store. The lady in front of me started complaining right after her bill was totaled - almost $140. She turned to me and said said, "You know the sad thing? I didn't buy any meat." I hit two grocery stores and CVS - on my route to the gas station. What I have noticed is, that I am buying just enough. I don't want any waste. So, instead of buying all different types of fruit, I bought small quantities of 3 types - and they were the cheapest - watermelon, strawberries, and banana. This weeks veggies were in a couple of cans because I still have an unopened bag of salad, and 2 bags of carrots (mini and "regular") from last week. My frivolous buys this week, the 1 cent penny item was a 1/2 gallon of Publix brand tea - a treat for my daughter. Also, I finally got around to doing the Michaelo Angelo frozen gourmet meal deal - buy 5 and mail in the UPCs/receipt and get 5 coupons for 5 more. They look delicious - and will be quick meals for this week - and "free" when I buy them next time. While I made lunch for my husband and daughter, mine was soup made from bits of leftover veggies and a bit of provolone cheese. It was quite tasty. So, not much going into the compost this week.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

4/26 Expressions

We are normally DIYers. Our lawn needs help (neglected by the former owners)- and we have tried a few things. Our neighbors hire professional help - and to be quite honest - we can tell a difference. Well, we got a call from a lawn care company today - they gave DH a quote. More than I want to spend - but, perhaps with a few treatments we can reguvenate it and save money in the long run and keep our neighbors happy too. So, out of habit, I asked my husband - while he was holding the phone - do they offer a discount (doesn't hurt to ask) - and he asked. Yup, 20% off the first treatment and 5% thereafter and we can quit the treatments when we want to (aka - no contract). A bit vain and conforming - perhaps - but, at least I got a frugal jab in :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

4/25 Expressions

My daughter took this picture. How is it frugal? A frugal person asked if anyone wanted any Iris bulbs - just pay postage. I paid under $6 for priority shipping of 20 bulbs. Aren't they gorgeous! You never know when you will find a treasure.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

4/24 Expressions

I worked late today and really couldn't think of much frugal that happened. However, I just redeemed enough mypoints to get a $10 Papa John's pizza gift card. I think I will include it as part of a birthday gift for my dear husband. That is one of his favorite pizzas - and I have a coupon for a buy 1 get 1 free - to stretch it further - to freeze? Today was pay day too. Tomorrow, we will be sending an extra chunk to the mortgage company towards "Principal Only". We want to pay that last mortgage off as soon as possible - so that we can be debt free again too.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

4/23 Expressions

Today, while mailing out the sale, I picked up my consignment check of $28.XX. In the mail was another rent check, which is late and included a late fee. Another late day at work. Tomorrow is take your child to work day :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

4/22 Expressions

Just a survey check in the mail. Not much frugal. I worked late today.

Monday, April 21, 2008

4/21 Expressions

Mail was good - a sample of mineral make-up and a survey check. I watched 1/2 of a "Trading Spouses" show. One family had money in the bank - so, they weren't excited to be left $5,000 for debt. The other had plenty of debt and was not excited to only get $2,000 for bills. One left $15,000 for mutual funds - to a family that had no idea what a mutual fund will do for them and the other, got left $20,000 for a new car which left the husband angry because he had a perfectly good one and preferred money for his children's college educations. The moral of the story, even though I was goofing off, I got a dose of financial education :) The other frugal thing, I sold a book on It wasn't for much money - so, it almost isn't worth the drive to the post office a few minutes away from work. So, to make it worth while, I found 6 items to drop off at the consignment shop. Hopefully, I will earn a few bucks, and of course, more clutter out of the house is nice. I sure don't want to be dusting things in retirement :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

4/20 Expressions

This afternoon, my husband and daughter used the printable Pepsi coupon for a free game of bowling. Since they only had to rent 1 pair of shoes, they enjoyed a game for under $3. They also stopped by to see the ducks and gave them our leftover bread from the last 2 weeks. I shopped at Publix for groceries, I saved $24+ and spent $18+ and will be sending in a rebate for the just over $3. The 1 cent item was a six pack of Publix water. My beauty school pedicure is holding up nicely. I am in the process of giving myself a manicure.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

4/19 Expressions

Not a very frugal day. We had a nice lunch out, the restaurant is a nice one with "high" prices, but they have lunch specials. We also went to my daughter's favorite clothing store, but we took a long coupons. We stopped at the thrift store, it was crowded and I did not find a thing I wanted or needed. Then, we went to WM. Even though we got the freebie shopping bag for Earth Day, we spent more than I wanted too. Oh, and of course the Dollar Tree is right next door, we found a few items in there too. Interesting, they now take VISA. Frugal, I have peace in the house as my daughter and husband are off to the movies with freebie tickets - priceless . . .

Friday, April 18, 2008

4/18 Expressions

Mail was nice, a rebate check, a coupon for free Kraft Philly Cream Cheese, and a Schick Quattro razor. I am a BUZZ Agent - but really hadn't paid much attention to it. But today, I signed up for a campaign - and can't wait to receive the product. The stock market was nice today :) Oh, and got 2 Britta Water Filtering systems for tax only - just over .70. A member of RefundCents posted a link for a $5 off coupon - I was able to print it twice. Kroger has them on sale for $4.99.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

4/17 Expressions

Not much frugal or unfrugal today. The weather was lovely so I gave the garden a drink. I did receive property appraisals from the county for our rental properties but not our primary home. I have sent in written protests in the past - and so far, everyone that we have protested (4 times in the last 10 years), we have gotten a reduction of some kind. Many counties have tax appraisal information available to the public - this can be good and bad. To see if your county has one, you can search XXX (name) County Tax Assessor XXX (state) - and if something comes up - you may have to click around some - but you can check your numbers on-line if your county has gone electronic.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

4/16 Expressions

Not much frugal or frugal thinking today. I did mail in for a rebate of 2 movie tickets from Twizzlers. I think my husband and daughter will be set in "free" movies this summer. Such a nice day. Doesn't look like the gardens have been affected by the "freeze". I hope I can make a simple salads soon from the home-grown stuff. Oh, the DOW was up today.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

4/15 Expressions

Since we filed early for once - I went to,,id=96596,00.html to find out the status of our federal tax refund. It seems to have gotten there and is being processed. I asked my wonderful husband why he didn't e-file. He said - "It costs money." The frugal bug must have caught him. Of course if I were a tireless frugalite, I would calculate how much interest we could have gotten had we put the refund in the bank. But knowing rates aren't too hot these days, I would rather "guestimate" that the filing fees would out-weigh any interest earned. In the mail today, a coupon from Victoria's Secret for a free undergarment item. Wow, I checked out some HUD properties in CA - not that we live there, and there are some drastically reduced property that appears to be in good condition. This is not advice to buy anything from HUD - but for entertainment, a rude awakening, just pure nosy-ness, here is the site:

Monday, April 14, 2008

4/14 Expressions

I haven't read a personal finance related book in a while. While at the book sale, I happened upon "Richistan". I finished a few pages. It looks like it might be interesting. In the mail was a rebate check and 20 postage stamps (Freedom Stamps) for being a mail decoy this month and next month. Of course I got a few pieces of mail I need to call in also.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Last 4/13 Expression

This is our feisty fur family member. She insists on being the boss.

More 4/13 Expressions

Here is one of our fur family members. He was adopted from the dog pound 15 years ago. A bit gray, but he still has some spunk.

More 4/13 Expresssions

Here is the "herb garden". I am sure there are plenty of options for containers - but this one came fron a nearby thrift store and cost .50.

More 4/13 Expressions

Since my daughter got her camera out and my husband showed me how to upload pictures - I am on a roll at the moment. I will be covering the "garden" we planted during spring break before the sun goes down today with something - old shower curtain? Old sheet? Both?

4/13 Expressions

Apparently we are having a freeze tonight or tomorrow. So, I asked my wonderful daughter to take a few pictures with the digital camera she got during the holidays. Here are the 3 Red Anemones.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

4/12 Expressions

My daughter and I are very please with the service we received at the beauty college. We are generally DIY'rs - but, if we find another coupon, or just need some shaping, we will definitely use the services of the school. Hmmm - I noticed they had other schools there too. May have to investigate. My daughter and I also went to today's grand opening at the Beauty store. My daughter got a $10 gift certificate and I got a $5 one - we both found items to spend them on - no problem! We also hit a book sale at our public library. Can't beat $1 for a hardback and .50 for a paperback.

Friday, April 11, 2008

4/11 Expressions

My wonderful husband had the day off. There used to be a time where he'd be too embarrassed to buy make-up and such for me. He used to not want to "bother" with coupons either. But last night, my daughter and I convinced him to be at a new "Beauty" store that opened in our area by 9 AM today. The first 100 in the store were to receive a gift certificate between $5 and $100. I also had a coupon for $3.50 off a $10 purchase that came in the paper. My daughter had her eye on a ceramic curling iron on sale for $9.99. He came home with the curling iron - he spent the $3.50 coupon and his $5 gift certificate - for under $2. Also, the first 1,000 customers are to receive a gift bag of 4 products. Those were very nice and in the bag were 2 cologne sample. He ran errands on the way at the same time - so, it really wasn't a special trip. Today in the mail, we got a very nice hammer from a Lowe's gift card rebate - we used the gift card earlier this year to buy items we were planning on buying anyway.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

4/10 Expressions

I want to say its 4/10, do you know where you are on your taxes? And then I imagine the commercial where the woman blows up when she is stared at (I think). It was an ad for a tax preparation service. Anyway, that would have been us last year, but this year, I am relaxed as we mailed our's out early this year - a record for us. But in my husband's defense, we usually owe. I did visit the doctor today, and I am sure glad we do have health insurance. I have noticed that the dr. doesn't seem as busy these days, and I was seen pretty much on time. I need to take an rx for two weeks, and was given samples. How's that for frugal :) On the way home, I hit the out of the way Aldi. Prices sure don't seem to be much cheaper than the sale prices I have been finding at the "regular" grocery stores lately. I did pick up some veggies, a few canned items, and some frozen fish. After work and school today, my daughter and I took a walk for frugal and fun exercise and entertainment. Mail was a mix of good and bad. Rent check - nice, mutual fund statement - stinky.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

4/9 Expressions

Today in the mail, the 2 movie tickets we won came. But the best gift, a red Anemone popped up w/2 others on the way. I planted it last year, so this is the first year for me to see it "live". Also, the seeds my daughter and I planted during "spring break" have sprouted (except the flower seeds). Beans are about an inch tall, lettuce about a 1/4 inch tall. Although the tomato plants got hit by frost and have some damage, there's a flower that I hope turns into a tomato. Also, several flowers on the strawberry plants. So exciting!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

4/8 Expressions

Mail was nice today - I got a survey check. But even better, I had a phone message that said I won 2 movie tickets to the new fancy movie theatre that opened this year - my ticket was submitted with my admission to the freebie library event at the mall a few weeks ago. What a nice surprise! On a frugal note, I had to chuckle at myself this morning. I was gathering my "stuff" to get out of the car and go to work. I grabbed my Healthy Choice insulated lunch/snack bag - and because it looked like it was going to rain, I grabbed my Chick-Fil A umbrella. It is nice to get useful freebies andcheapies :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

4/7 Expressions

Today, in the mail, was a 50% off code from Coldwater Creek. The code is SPRINGSALE and is good through April 12th. I love their stuff, but wait until a 50% (I think once it was 60% - and there may have been a 50% plus free shipping a time or two) or better code comes out. I only shop the outlet. I went through ebates for an additional 4% back and of course I used my cash back credit card. I shopped the Spring Clearance items this time and got a couple of nice skirts and sandals. Also in the mail from AARP was a pack of Marigold seeds and "Money Plant" :) seeds. Never heard of them before, but they look like a pretty white flower. I will plant them this week - somewhere. May plant the Marigold near/in the "garden" - because I read somewhere that bugs stay away from them/the area they are planted in. I also got other coupons in the mail that I won't be using. Sometimes, when I get a coupon that I won't use - but know is "desirable", I go to refundcents and trade it. What do I trade the coupons for? Usually people trade their coupons for other coupons - but I trade mine for Box Tops for Education or Cambell's Labels for Education. These days, every little bit helps.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

4/6 Expressions

Lucky for me, my daughter has caught the "Designer" bug by watching a design show. I love to sew, but just don't make the time to do much any of it. I have patterns that I purchased during the $1 sales. So, she found one she likes - a hoodie - and she found 2 advertising t-shirts we really don't need. She has cut the hoodie pieces out of the 2 t-shirts. Now, we need to drag the machine out to begin the sewing. We may wait until next weekend for that part. I did my grocery shopping for the week today. I hit Dollar General Market and got their bananas in a bag for $1 - looked for the largest bag. The 2 lbs of carrots for $1 and 3 more packs of the their 12 oz bacon for $1. Then to Kroger. They have extended their buy 10 of certain items and get $5 off. Of course I got other things, mostly items with coupons - I got e-mailed a link for a .50 off a 2 lt of Pepsi and was able to to print 2 - so, I got 2 of those - on sale for 4/$5. I also used up the rest of my Philly Cheese coupons for free 1/3 Fat Cream Cheese and the Thomas Bagels. I ended up spending $10.67 at Kroger and according to my receipt, I saved 76% with coupons and store savings in the amount of $28.21. I will also be sending in a rebate for $2.50 on that Kroger total. Then off to CVS. I was able to print off $2 coupons for any Excedrin at a coupon site. It allowed me to print 2. At CVS, they are on sale for $1.99 and you get $1 back in extra care bucks. They were also having a buy $10 in Febreeze products and get $5 back in ECBs and I had a $24.95 ECB for buying 5 Soft Soap Body Wash last week. Since CVS doesn't give change on the ECBS, I purchased 4 12 packs of Diet Pepsi for the Pepsi-a-holic in the family. After coupons, I spent @.14 out pocket, $1.46 was tax. Anyway, I got $7 back in ECBs and will be sending in a rebate for $6.99. Also, with all of Pepsi purchases, my husband has been diligently loading the points in at the website. He also has enough to order a DVD set. Next, on to Publix. I got a lot of stuff there. The best deals were their - but the brand name item and get the Public brand free on several organic products. I also couldn't pass up the General Mills Brownies - they were BOGO and they had codes on them to get a free movie ticket. Actually, the max was 2 movie tickets - so, I bought 10 boxes. I went to the website to load the codes - but, it doesn't "open" until this Thursday. So, cheap entertainment for family and I will be donating brownies for any office, school, holiday functions for a while. There were also 10 cent Box Tops for Education tabs on these brownies - so, those will be donated to my daughter's school. Although the brownies are the healthiest things to eat in the world, we will enjoy a box or two ourselves. All said and done, I saved 33% at Publix using a competitor's $5/$30 coupon and some manufacturer coupons at Publix. The 1 cent mystery item here was a loaf of Publix brand bread. All of these stores are within a "loop" for me. Round trip was less than 10 miles.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

4/5 Expressions

Today was a lazy, hazy day and easy on the wallet since we did not leave the house. I did call and make an appointment for my daughter and I to get a mani/pedi and cut/style at a local beauty college next weekend. The prices seem to be half of what "regular" places charge - and I cut a 20% coupon off all services from the paper.

Friday, April 4, 2008

4/4 Expressions

Today, I made cream of pumpkin soup. The pumpkin was from Halloween last year - baked and pureed and frozen. It was okay - can't say it was great and no one else in the family tried it. We have a Dollar General Market in the area. They have started advertising in the local paper. Today we stopped and got eggs $1 for a dozen large w/coupon, limit 2. They also had bacon for $1 (12 oz). So, I am trying some of it also. Also got a $1 movie to watch this evening. I am baking a crustless cheesecake (freebie cream cheese from the Philly win) and I got the recipe from recipezaar. It smells wonderful and was very easy to make.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

4/3 Expressions

What did I do that was frugal today? I made laundry detergent by slowly boiling soap shavings and water in a ex-coffee can and dumping the concoction into an "old" laundry soap container.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

4/2 Expressions

As I am sure I have mentioned before, I am eligible to retire early on 4/1/09 - no joke. Not "regular" retirement - but if my employer offers an early retirement - I will have enough time - and although the pay-out won't be all that great - it will be nice to be "retired" as a "forty-something" :). So, the only debt we have - other than what we charge on the credit cards and pay-off immediately when the bill arrives, is the mortgage on our condo - yup, that cutie linked on the right. I want to pay it off ASAP - so, I am thinking - I opened an on-line account a couple of years ago when the interest rate was pretty good. Now, the interest rates aren't so hot - although they beat the local ones. There's not much in it, but, I think it is time to close it out and start an all out campaign to pay that mortgage off.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

4/1 Expressions

Sorry, no April fool's joke for the day :) But, the stock market ended the day nicely. At lunch, I drove to the nearby library and participated in their bookfest. I received 2 free books and some nice refreshments. Then I headed to the consignment store on the next street over. I picked up my first consignment check for $22.89 - as the cashier said - enough to fill my tank - and my house is a bit less cluttered for it. Then I hit the post office - yup, my wonderful husband finished our taxes early and I was happy to mail them out!