Sunday, October 31, 2010

10/31 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  I found the $5 off $5 or more Hallmark Stores coupons in my free subscription magazine Mid-West Living.  I am hoping to find more because my daughter loves the candy cane flavored candy bark sold this time of year.  She can get two small boxes with that coupon for just over $1 - which she did yesterday.   I am hoping the coupon will be in more of my freebie subscriptions.  I did some grocery maintenance - I froze some left-over chocolate cake.  I am hoping it will be good crumbled in a trifle later on this month.  I have a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup cooking too.  I have cornbread muffins in the freezer that will can accompany the soup.  My neighbor brought me a bag of of apples she picked from one of those "U Pick" places.  I cored, peeled and froze them - hopefully, they will be good in future apple pies - one of which will be going back to her.  I am ready for the few Trick or Treaters that we get - I got several packages of "free" candy from Rite Aid this month - using the UP reward coupons. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

More 10/30 Expressions

Yesterday, I got the dreaded letter from Chase, Freedom Card.  Yup, they are changing the terms of my rewards structure, 1% and no more cashing in $200 for $250.  So, I cashed out $100 yesterday, and have $5 left - I may just let them keep it - cuz at this point - I am really not interested in using the card :(  End of rant.

10/30 Expressions

Last night, I stopped at Rite Aid to purchase the 3 12 Pack of Pepsi for 8.XX and get a $2 UP coupon.  With the UP $, I planned to add to my Halloween candy stash - 2 more $1 packs of 8 candy bars.  The $2 UP did not print, but the manager was kind enough to adjust the price of my candy to free :)  My husband just stopped by the feed store to get the free Nutra dog food.  The stuff is normally $13.XX - a very freebie indeed.  He and my daughter will use up the rest of the used book store credit this afternoon.  My daughter and I each have the Bath & Body Works coupon for a free full sized lotion with any purchase and one for any lip item with any purchase.  Normally we purchased the $1 gift bags, but recently, we have been able to get travel sized lotions for $1.  We may stop there and their sister store, Victoria's Secret because we also have free panty coupon.  I used a bunch of coupons on my groceries and mailed in for a $10 rebate - so, I stayed within my budget.  The weather has cooled.  This morning was the first in which we turned the heat on.  Tomorrow is Halloween here.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10/26 Expressions

Somedays I feel like the luckiest person in the world - or perhaps I am just easily entertained.  Anyway, I played the "Million Morning Smiles" instant win and won a month's worth of Toaster Strudels.  I ordered shoes for my daughter and myself a couple of days ago from when the shoes were under $20/pr and a flat $6.XX shipping - I went through mypoints to earn a few points too.  The shipment came quickly - and we are very pleased with our choices.  I am not being paid by either company to say these things - the opinions are all my own :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

More 10/25 Expressions

We got the $150 Visa card for buying our refridgerator a couple of months back.  Part of it was luck and part of it was over-coming a bit of laziness.  When the State announced the rebates - I reserved a rebate.  Well, sales came and went and my fridge had not actually quit.  So, then it was announced how the program was a success - and it was over.  Then our fridge did finally give-out, and we bought a new one - good thing it was during a holiday sale - so, we got a great price anyway, and a rebate on the delivery/pick-up.  Then I read about once all of the claims were processed, there was money left as many people (me included) had not followed through.  So, with a few pieces of paper, envelope and stamp - we filed for our rebate - and we are happy to report - we got it today!  The UPS guy also rang the door bell - he brought me the 3 bamboo cutting boards that gave the $15 credit - I think I spent just over $6 for the 3.  They are nice and I appreciate it.  But, shipping/receiving seemed kind of slow . . . I wanted to take the largest one to the condo.  We aren't planning on going down anytime soon - may be we will change our minds.

10/25 Expressions

Today is the home-made chicken noodle soup edition :)  Both my daughter and I are home with something.  Mine is a sinus infection and hers is a cold.  To help us along - I took some home-made chicken broth out of the freezer, a couple of cans of chicken breast meat out of the pantry, carrots and onion from the fridge, noodles from the "Italian" basket we "won", a bit of mashed potato flakes, and "Good 'n Garlicky" spice from Herb'n Renewal - I sweated? the diced carrots and onions in olive oil also out of the basket.  The entire concoction is now simmering on the oven - and hopefully, we will both be eating an early lunch and then take a nap.  Not a frugal tip as I understand electricity and water costs more during "regular business hours" - but I have my washing machine running and hopefully, I can catch up on laundry too.  This weekend, we went to the German restaurant and enjoyed their festive atmosphere - but it seems their 1/2 priced gift certificate rules have changed.  Only 1 gift certificate per visit - even though when you purchase $50 in giftcertificates - and they used to send a $50 certificate - now they send 2 $25 ones - so, that was a bit of a bummer.  I realize it is better for them and their business.  We were able to get a few good deals at Rite Aid combining sales, UP rewards, and coupons.  Saturday, I used a home-mailer coupon for a free 6 pack of Pansies with any purchase at a local nursery.  I purchased a pack - so, it was a BOGO deal for me.  So, my front planters now look a bit festive with the Pansies planted - well worth the $2.50 out of pocket.  Still trying to convince myself to get a few mums.

Friday, October 22, 2010

10/22 Expressions

This week I feel like a money magnet :)  The realtor called, she has approved new tenants for the house vacated by the divorced couple - so, we are "out" less than a month's rent - since the couple moved out late and were paying a daily rate.  UPS just brought me the $200 Petsmart giftcard for buying our Honda Element - good thing I looked on-line for that one because the dealer did not mention it.  Then, as I was leaving work today, I was notified that I was approved for a small bonus.  The mail box held a few goodies for me too:  Johnsonville Sausage samples, a coupon for free 20 oz Pepsi, and a coupon for a free can of Pringles Exreme.  What didn't work this week - yesterday I tired to use the $5/$25 Dollar General coupon at Publix because we have a Dollar General Market down the street - Publix claims they are not a competitor because the Market does not provide custom meat packages - a bit hokie for me - but I went with it.  I still saved quite a bit with coupons. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

10/18 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the week:  last week JCPenny finally acknowledged that they had converted computer systems - and some how - my sofa sleeper order was cancelled.  They took $200 off my order - much apprciated - and said they would do all that they could do to expedite the order.  I see the $200 off - but don't see any "expediting" yet.  This past weekend - we went to two concerts - Friday, Bon Jovi, and Sunday, Brad Paisley.  I won tickets to Brad Paisley - we rented someone else's condo to get Bon Jovi tickets.  The whole point was to stimulate the economy - and I guess we did - frugally.  One night, we used hotel points though.  In any event, it was a wash financially for us, since our unit was booked by someone else too.  We used several of the gift certificates.  We stopped at the gift store for a couple of gifts - one for grandpa for babysitting the dog - we got BOGO sweatshirts - and they gave us 2 small token gifts too.  We saw the big boats - but did not watch the "Thunder on the Gulf" races.  Since we don't have cable at home - I did watch some reality tv.  I was also able to knit another pair of slippers on the trip.  Came home to a bunch of mail.  The realtor called and she thinks she has a tenant lined up for the house recently vacated by the soon to be divorced couple.  Looks like the stock market behaved too.  Oh, and I ordered a 1/2 priced gift certificate to a restaurant - and I got it in the mail.  We will be taking Grandpa to enjoy their version of Octoberfest - live German music, etc, in addition to the authentic food next weekend.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

10/14 Expressions

My daughter and I attended a dinner and silent auction to raise funding for art programs in the public schools.  The dinner was fantastic - and we "won" a large "Italian" food basket, gift certificate for a couple of hair cuts, and a watch.  Those coupons that come in the mail for local restaurants and retailers are getting better - which makes me think the economy hasn't quite recovered around here.  I also ordered 2 more 1/2 priced restaurant gift certificates.  One for a German Restaurant . . . next weekend they are having an "Octoberfest" - music, etc.  So, what a deal :) 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More 10/12 Expressions

Murphy USA sent me another e-mail/coupon for a free King Sized candy bar - I believe I love this company :)  I checked my retirement account - I am slightly above my "high" in 2007 - which makes me hopeful.  Uh yes, I realize that means I am still "behind" - as I have been contributing since 2007 and have been getting contributions - so, it has taken just over 3 years to recover . . . And, I checked on my sofa sleeper from J C Penney.  Sad to say, there was a glitch in my order - not cancelled like Target - but something like they were suppose to immediately verify something with my credit card company - and they didn't - until I called because I am paranoid and the couch was suppose to ship yesterday.  But, they were much more customer service oriented than Target.  They said they will open a "case" and either give me compensation or somehow expedite shipping - because as it stands now - under normal procedures - the company "just got my order today" - instead of a month ago - and has 4 weeks to ship it . . . my dilemma - I put this order on that credit card whereby I am suppose to charge $750 in x number of days and will get 50,000 air miles (that I am planning to use for a trip to France next summer) . . . so, I will check those details out tomorrow - and if nothing else, I will charge the least expensive property tax on my card early.  It is worth the flight to France to me.  I asked if they could charge my card today - nope - charges hit when the item actually ships - which under normal circumstances would be my wish - sigh.

10/12 Expressions

We got our held mail today.  Two freebie magazines, a free shelf stable meal and coupons, rent check, postage stamps from my side-line job as a mail decoy, tooth paste sample, and my listia "winning".  After all of the running around I did yesterday, and back at my day job today - I am pooped.  I was going to take on a project - but project smoject - I am going hop in the tub and hit the hay early.

Monday, October 11, 2010

10/11 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  I was just going to relax today.  But, I got a call from the rental agent about the house in which the couple are divorcing.  She asked if I could get the utilities turned on.  Water - no problem.  Electric company - I needed to come out there personally and could set up a landlord's account (in the future - just a phone call and reduced fee to switch services.  Hmmm - so, I printed a coupon for a free 16 oz drink at the Pilot Travel center - good thing their gas prices are cheap - and I got a caramel machiato.  Then to Aldi.  I got a very large pumpkin for $1.99 - other stores have them for $3.99 - so, it will be decoration for a bit - and then I will roast the seeds and make pumpkin puree for pies, etc.  So, $1.99 is a good deal.  I also got some other produce at great prices.  Then to Kroger to get in on the buy 10 certain items, get $5 off.  So, I bought 30 items, with $15 off and coupons, I paid $6.XX.  Also did some grocery maintenance - made salads, boiled eggs, etc. for lunches this week.  No mail, but was happy the DOW stayed above 11,000 :)  Blockbuster Express sent a code for a free movie - good for today only - we didn't rent one - but the code is MBBX2.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10 Expressions

Just noticed today is 10/10/10 :)  We just came back from our beach condo.  We had a working vacation.  This was fall break for my daughter.  We ate out three times with gift certificates purchased either at 80 or 90 percent off.  We did a bit of outlet mall shopping - in addition to sales, we purchased 25% off coupons for $1 each which goes to support breast cancer research.  This was our first year to attend the shrimp festival.  The food was good and plentiful.  And Geico had a booth and gave us free cinch sacks.  I was happy to see that the DOW went slightly over 11,000 on Friday.  We don't have cable at home - but do at the beach - so, we watched a bit of reality tv too.  To cut costs, I brought snacks, drinks, breakfast items from home. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10/5 Expressions

Pictured is the headbank I made with recycled t-shirts/felt/elastic.  I have been having fun printing off coupons from Murphy USA - just printed one for a free Coke and a free Reese's pieces - the candy can go in the trick or treater pumpkin for the end of the month when I may get a few knocks on the door.  Just bought a few more apples at $1 a pound - will turn them into an apple pie.  Heats up the house, and tasty to eat :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

10/2 Expressions

We had a great day.  We did a few chores around the house after a nice breakfast - then we hit the town's street festival.  Very organized and entertaining.  Great music.  Lots of giveaways - treats for dogs, seeds, etc.  We bought lunch there and also purchased a t-shirt from an animal rescue group.  Then to the mall to pick-up my JCP order and we each got the freebie Bath and Body Works lotion.  Then to Steinmart - an extra 50% off on clearanced home items - got a beautiful King bed set for the condo - originally $250 - $69 after sale and coupon.  Also got a nice garbage can w/pedal to open for under $10 after sale and coupon.  Then to the $1 movie theater - yup, Redbox is $1 for the whole family - but this time, there was a comedy we all wanted to see.

Friday, October 1, 2010

More 10/1 Expressions

I thought I would upload a picture of the flip flops I embellished with stuff around the house.  The picture shows the pair I did for my daughter.  I also baked an apple pie - goes great with this fall weather.  I had 4 apples no one wanted to eat and I just purchased some Pillsbury crescent dough for practically nothing.  I used the dough for the top and bottom crust and just had a small sliver - quite tasty if I do say so myself. 

10/1 Expressions

As a coupon shopper/deal finder - it helps to be patient and not take things too seriously.  This morning, I got great deals on my groceries - I stopped at 3 stores in a circuit.  That Dollar General $5/$25 coupon was accepted by Publix - so, I did really well there.  However, I was hoping to get in on a few deals - the Hallmark Gold Crown - "Free Freaky Friday" deal - right next to Kroger - wouldn't you know it - our store is not participating - so, no freebie there.  Then I read I could use the the $1 off Nescafe Taster's Choice coupons at CVS and get the small box of individual servings - nope, mine doesn't carry it.  I thought they would be nice to keep in my desk drawer for those days that I really wanted a cup of joe.  I normally drink a brewed cup at home and none at work.  Well, I found them at Publix - but they weren't $1 a box, they were $1.39 - but that $5/$25 Dollar General Match more than makes up for it.  This fall weather sure makes things seem more tolerable.