Thursday, May 31, 2012

5/31 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  This was a 3 paycheck month for me.  Thank-goodness my husband and I are on different pay schedules :)  My daughter has been listing a few items here and there on,, and  Still just plugging along.  I started to knit a winter sweater for my daughter with yarn I won on - should be ready by this winter.  Thought it would be a great project for our France trip.  The weather has been hot and muggy - defintely frizzy hair type weather.  Thank-goodness we are expecting rain this evening - not only to get rid of some of the humidity - but also to water the plants.  My "garden" is coming along - as are my flowers.  Gladiola bulbs that I planted several years ago that didn't bloom last year - and bright and cheery this year.  There are lavender and white with a tinge of red ones out in the yard .  Still need to work on paring down "stuff" - never know when one may want to move, retire, downsize, what-ever :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5/30 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Tsk, tsk . . . it finally happened.  Even though I was pre-selected for the Kroger card - to receive $100 for spending $200 - my application was rejected - because - something to the effect that I had too much available unsecured credit.  Very, very, sad.  May be they've realized I am a serial credit card opener - and spend what I "have" to - and then go back to my favorite card.  In any case, I am shocked - but not too sad.  So, for a pick-me-up, my daughter and I baked cookies this afternoon - a batch of peanut butter and a batch of white chocolate chip.  I also made a batch of Tzaziki and we ate some with manager special organic blue corn tortilla chips .99/bag.  I also "won" a SAT interactive handheld thing for my daughter to lug around - great way to use free time - don't you think :)  Hopefully an increase in SAT score will be a decrease in my $ outflow.  I also "won" 3 pairs of jeans for her.  Both of these were free shipping - so, no $ out of my pocket :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

5/28 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  My daughter and I made it to our mani-pedi - we both picked "loud" colors.  Afterwards, we drove through Burger King for a $1 caramel frappe.  We had plenty of leftovers for meals and I even froze some future meals.  I did a bit of refrigerator maintenance as I chopped green peppers and onions and froze them for future use too.  My husband took the old knife set to our foreclosure house and I opened a set I bought a long time ago for a pittance on Amazon.Com.  Nice and sharp - made chopping veggies a bit more enjoyable - sounds a bit macabe doesn't it.  I listed a few more items on and ebay too.  My daughter found some more clothes/shoes to take to the consignment store.  This decluttering is fun.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

5/26 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Pictured are a few things I accomplished today.  I finished the guest towel with scraps of fabric from a thrifted dress - from days gone by and the lace from the linen box I got at the auction.  Next to it - the strawberry cobbler for tomorrow.  I also made 2 batches of cookies - white chocolate chips (manager's special from Krober) and peanut butter.  The potato salad is done and I got some more of the throw completed.  I listed 2 more items on Listia and my daughter took 11 items of clothing to the consignment store.  Just watched "Joyful Noise".  So nice to have a very long weekend.  I have several painting projects I need to get done - maybe I will finally get to them.

Friday, May 25, 2012

5/25 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the week:  This week flew by - and I really didn't blog much.  I did "frugal" things - but nothing really exciting . . . maybe that is what being frugal is about.  Just minding the money.  So, I minded it - but, in a way to have some "fun" . . . this week on Groupon, I purchased 2 1/2 priced mani-pedi certificates.  $40 for both.  I had been "Jonsing" for a pedi - now my daughter and can get one together.  I was talking with an office-mate - she did not get in on it in time.  We called and the earliest we could get in was Monday - Memorial Day.  Today, I finished out my BBQ shopping.  My dad is coming over on Sunday.  Today, I purchased more meat - 4 Angus sirloin steaks - discounted to just over $6 and I had a $1 off $6 coupon.  Also purchased some split chicken breast at .99/lb.  I purchased a bag of Vidalia onions for .69 a 2 lb bag at Aldi and a whole watermelon for $3.99.  I will be making potato salad, strawberry cobbler (a hit with my family - and I still have plenty of the .49/qt strawberries in the freezer).  I also plan to make several types of cookies - probably chocolate chip and peanut butter since I have the ingredients - and want to send some home with my dad.  I also have baked beans in the freezer.  And I have plenty of veggies - so maybe a green salad.  We also bought some veggie burgers for the vegetarian in the family.  So, this week, I went $10 over my grocery "budget" - but we should be able to cut back next week since we will have lots of leftovers - surely some of it will go into the freezer.  I also won some more coupons on Listia - 2 coupon for Rudi organic bread - any, and some more Vosko yogurt.  We love that Greek yogurt - but the price is pretty outrageous for some it - regular price that is.  I grab the "manager's special" price - the best I have found so far is .25 a cup - and free with coupon.  Tomorrow, my daughter will take a load of clothes to the consignment store.  They just expanded to take men's, girls, boys, teens.  I also hope to list more stuff on listia.  Want to get rid of stuff - and win more "consumable" items - like yogurt :)  Oh, and we got a few drips and drabs of money this week - sale of a book on and the sale of an item on  Oh yes, and my rosemary and thyme are thriving - had some today in a potato/onion fry earlier today - yum.  Oh, and one other thing - got several things in the mail this week that I need to follow-up on.  Class action lawsuit notices - Deepwater Horizon, Groupon, RCI, Tribune Stock, and I am thinking 1 more.  I need to fill-out some paperwork and maybe something will come of it . . . would be nice to add to the college fund.

Monday, May 21, 2012

5/21 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Today, I went through the mail and almost threw out a credit card offer from Kroger.  May be I am a bit of a credit card snob - but their offers to date have not interested me.  $10 or $25 bonus - pffffft.  But this offer was $100 if I spent $200 in 30 days - 50% is not bad - and when I called to apply for it - they said another bonus is .25/gal of gas for the first 90 day usage of the card.  Yup, I bit - hook, line, and sinker especially since there is no annual feel - and I am sure I can spend that much in fuel and groceries in 30 days - of course as always - I will pay it off in full.  My daughter and I had a nice, cheap, and easy dinner.  Breakfast for dinner to be exact:  2 eggs over easy on a bed of baked potatoes/onion/lots of herbs and spices pan fried in olive oil.  Yum - and really filling too.  Today, I wore an entire outfit (okay - not underclothing or shoes) from the thrift store.  I doubt I paid more than $10 for the 3 pieces - and as a bonus - I got plenty of complements.  I did confide in one frugal-lite - that I got the outfit at the thriftstore and she was amazed.  She asked for the name of the place - so, I may now have some competition - not really - since I got enought to last a whole long time.  The other people, I just smiled and said thanks!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

5/20 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Pictured is the flower arrangement my husband made.  The flowers from Kroger last week are still going strong - but the white lilies from the yard were on the ground from heavy rain.  So, my husganded a few roses from the yard and an orange lily and came up with the above arrangement.  I did put the stranded rose in the vase . .  . and now I notice the deck sure could use another refinishing or power wash.  Today, I plan to see if I can find discounted tickets for visit to Paris.  I need to make some salads for lunches this week.  I also want to give myself a mani-pedi.  My feet look so rough - I may splurge and go to one of those express places later this week.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

5/19 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  I had really good intentions.  This morning, I went to Kroger and used a bunch of  coupons and my grocery bill was $26.XX.  Then to Aldi for produce and sugar - just under $10.  Then I decided to go to the thrift store to purchase a few summer clothing items - needs some color and lighter clothes as it seems to be hot and we will be doing a lot of walking in France.  Well - they are having a 50% off sale.  I ended up getting 5 pair of pants, 10 shirts and blouses, 3 work jackets, and 1 skirt.  1 decorator item for my daughter's bathroom, 2 trivets, 15 votives, 1 Lefton sugar container, and a wooden shelf.  My bill was $86.  Most of the clothes were good brands - coldwater creek, Jones of NY, etc.  So, I could have spent that much on a few pieces - but, I did go a bit overboard.  But, I purchased some "fun" clothing for the weekends - okay, done justifying.  We had a nice strawberry/banana smoothie for breakfast to use up some of the fruit in the freezer.  We will eat a very light dinner because we are going to the museum event this evening.

Friday, May 18, 2012

5/18 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Today was the last day to call and make reservations at the art museum for a function tomorrow - new exhibit, free food, drinks, and live music - free for us - $25 for non-members.  Can't beat that.  In the mail today - I got a Lipton Tea powdered drink sample and a coupon.  I was so tempted to grocery shop since I came home a bit early - but instead, made strawberry cobbler - with ingredients I already had - and it looks yummy.  So glad it is the weekend!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

5/17 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  sold another book on  Got a nice Atkins starter package yesterday in the mail - a nice freebie.  I got 7 coupons for free cups of Greek yogurt in the mail - won from  Got my daughter's 15 shirts and 2 belts from

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5/15 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Received my luggage set for trip to Paris.  Purchased a heavily discounted set - mainly looked for wheels that are in an "in-set" - or something like that.  So far, every piece of luggage with wheels totally on the outside of the luggage set have always lost one wheel.  I even tried to file a claim with the airline company once because I had two pieces of luggage and each had a wheel broken off.  So, wheels are important to me.  I got them on - mainly because I had Amazon giftcard earned on  Okay - I "won" a magazine subscription on for my daughter - not too many credits.  But, I noticed the code was from  Went there - and in about 30 minutes or less - had enough points to order another subscription - that I wanted.  So, we have plenty of free magazines.  Then my daughter reminded me that I ordered a magazine subscription through back in November - sure enough - I received a code - but did not redeem it.  Just did it a few moments ago.  I am hoping we get a few magazines to take with on our vacation too.  I am hoping to come up with a simple craft I can do on the plane ride.  Oh, and yesterday, I got a small check from ebates.  Small or large - added together, it can make for a nice time in France :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

5/14 Expressons

Frugal deeds for the day:  I extended my break from my day job - and decided to work around the house.  After spending the weekend doing what I wanted to do, I thought today was a good day to do what needs to be done.  So, my fridge needed some help.  I purchased a bag of triple washed collard greens on a Manager's Special for .75.  It is now in the crockpot with a bit of leftover chicken, a bit of tomatoes, and brown rice.  I will be having some healthy soup over the next couple of days.  I also wanted to use up some peanut butter - In this month's Woman's Day - there is a terrific peanut butter cookie recipe - only 4 ingredients - and after having tasted one - they are fabulous.  Also, while the cookies were baking, I put in a pan of oatmeal with a chopped up apple in the oven.  Next, I had 1 more grapefruit and 2 clementines that were a bit past their prime.  So, they are now fermenting to make a citrus enzyme cleaner concentrate - found the recipe on the web.  Also while cleaning out the cluttered drawers, I found an Exercise Band.  I need to start building some muscle - so, I printed out 12 simple exercises using my freebie exercise band.  For breakfast and lunch, I ate leftovers.  Next, I need to plant a few more seeds and fry the manager's special $1 bag of kale I got - it is a request from my daughter.  Oh, I need to file a property tax protest.  We got an e-mail from the HOA for the beach property we own - the vacant land - seems insteading of going up, it should have gone down - so, I will go with the crowd and see if we can lower our property taxes a bit more.  My dear husband mailed out my sales package for me.  So, no errands for me today outside of the house.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

5/13 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Pictured are the refrigerator magnets I finished yesterday.  My daughter and I made salt dough cut-outs and painted them several years ago.  While cleaning out junk drawers, I found them.  Sadly, 2 pieces were too heavy for the poor grade magnets I used (magnetic advertisements from realtors).  The bottom piece was heart shaped with a cute flower and also, there was a cut pig.  Being too heavy, then fell off the fridge and broke.  I salvaged the bottom piece of the heart.  Also, I worked a bit on my daughter's throw.  I also found some beautiful teal lace, very nice quality - vintage perhaps, in my auction stash of linen.  I am going to use it to embelish some towels.  I now have found a bazillion projects to work on - just as a result of cleaning out junk drawers.  I had a nice Mother's Day.  Now I need to package my sale and mail it out tomorrow at lunch time.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

5/12 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Well, my husband and daughter decided not participate in the yardsale - and I agreed.  We really don't have much left to sell.  So, they wanted to know where I wanted to eat out for Mother's Day.  My preference is to not eat out.  My wish for today is to stay in my comfy clothes and do whatever I wanted to do.  My husband cooked breakfast and I wanted to cook lunch - but no dishes!  Then, I went through a couple of junk drawers - and threw out some small bags of trash and also found some useful items :)  Then, while in the garage, I decided I needed to organize my craft supplies.  After is my "before" and "after" organizers.  I purchased the canisters over 10 years ago at a yard sale - I paid between $3 and $5 for the set.  Of course that wasn't dirt cheap - but counter clutter in the kitchen is now "out".  So, the set has probably been sitting in the garage the last 8 years or so.  I found self stick sample labels from post-it - so, those containers - my husband washed off the years of dust for me will be label - probably thread, buttons, ribbon, and misc.  That will get rid of a bunch of clutter and keep me from hours of searching or buying more stuff that I already have - and I love the teal color to add some interest to my craft storage collection - how's that for a frugal Mother's Day.  Sadly, although I asked if flowers were purchased - that they come from Aldi - instead, I got overpriced Kroger flowers - but atleast they aren't as bad a florist flowers and a box of overpriced chocolate covered strawberries from Kroger too.  Of course those will be shared - and the purchaser seems to enjoy them more than I do ;)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5/9 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Today we got the first of our property tax appraisals.  They are for our two beach properties.  So, they both went up slightly - which I think is fair - with a total tax impact of just over $50 for the year.  During lunch, I did my grocery shopping.  This evening, after I pick-up my daughter, I plan to do some cleaning.  We are having a visitor on Friday - I thought it would be a cheaper, more pleasant way to discuss our upcoming trip to France, than going to a restaurant.  Also nice is that my husband will help me clean.  I will cook - fair exchange.  Of course, I plan to help my husband and daughter get ready for the community yard sale.  Hopefully, we will get rid of junque and earn enough for a meal out :)  Save some cooking and cleaning too. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

5/7 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Today in the mail - I got 2 items I "won" on Listia - no $ out of my pocket - the yarn - yea . . . and my necklace - already claimed by my daughter :)  I already mentioned my husband reserve our hotel accomodations for our trip to France - no money out of our pockets - and the first 5 nights - we get free breakfast, snacks, light meals, drinks throughout the day too - that makes me happy because we have most of the expensive ticket items taken care of.  We just need to plan our events.  Oh another "inclusive" - we each get to check in two pieces of luggage at no additional cost.  Remember - we are using British Airways miles (from the credit card deal last year) - but we had to pay $5XX for each ticket.  Most we have ever had to pay for a "free" ticket - but either way - it is still 1/3 of the price it would have been at the time.  We also got a point discount deal.  I would have to say the hotel points saved us the most.  We are booking 2 rooms per night - running between $750 - $1,000 per night per room - and I must say they are nice - but I sure wouldn't pay that kind of money.  The $1,000 per night hotel - we "earned" by signing up for a credit card also.  Please do not take this as advice.  It works for us - but, we pay off our credit cards, yada, yada, yada.  Oh, and I checked our condo rental statement.  It made a nice return for last month.  We are now saving for a car for my daughter's birthday.  Believe me, her being able to drive will go a long way for saving my sanity.  I know most parents probably believe so, but, she is very responsible and therefore, I will try not to worry.  Lucky for her, we still have several months more to save for that car and hope that nothing else comes up.  Of course my husband is still waiting for his "hearing" to get a reduction on our foreclosure house. Sure hope they hurry as the next installment of property tax is due in June.  They did offer a reduction - but only 1/2 of what we think it should be.  Got to give them credit for trying to protect their tax base - I guess.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

5/5 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  All of our hotel points have posted and we will have nice hotel accomodations for our trip to Paris - at no additional costs out of our pockets.  We are hoping we get some free food priveleges too :)  Nothing exciting in the mail today.  But I did win a nice pair of earring on Listia :)  Our neighborhood yardsale is this Saturday.  I have asked my husband and daughter to try and sell enough to cover a meal out on Mother's Day.  And as for the best gift ever, I have asked if they could get us caught up on laundry - to include folding and putting clothes away.  Oh, and I checked the fig tree out - one of the figs has over-ripened and fell to the ground.  One fig was ripe - so, I ate it.  I offered my daughter 1/2 - but she declined.  It was good.  Pretty good to get even 1 piece of fruit from a tree that was transplanted a couple of months ago :)  I also picked up some Manager's Specials today in the organic department - and I had coupons to make them an even better bargain!

Friday, May 4, 2012

5/4 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Mail call - 2 more freebie magazines:  Woman's Day and Smart Money.  I also got my Yves Rocher order - very nice, especially for the price.  I also got 4,500 listia credits - which I "spent" on 6 skeins of yarn and a vintage owl necklace.  The Owl is really neat - on a 24 inch chain and it has faux gem eyes ;)  No shipping costs for either.  Took my daughter to guitar lessons and while she was taking lessons, I went to Aldi.  For $4.04, I got 8 Roma Tomatoes, 3 Green Peppers, 1 Mango, 2 Avocados, and 2 pounds of sweet onions.  Then to the take 'n bake pizza place.  Got 2 large cheese pizzas for $8 plus tax.  Now my punch card is full and I will get a free pizza next time.  We stopped at Kroger for a few groceries and I told my daughter, our limit is $20 - with coupons, we spent $15.XX and got a coupon for a free Yoplait Greek Yogurt.  Of course I purchased 3 Greek yogurts in the organic section that were marked down to .25 each.  We also rented a Red Box.  Tomorrow, I have a hair appointment.  Not sure what else we will do.  Added:  I sold an item on, 1 item left in my inventory and I sold 2 items on Listia.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

5/3 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the week:  Yesterday - I got 2 freebie magazines in the mail - Kiplinger and Martha Stewart Living.  Today, a postcard for a free drink at Starbucks and a t-shirt I won on Listia.  Today, I also won 6 skeins of yarn for my project :)  I rained a bit last night and off and on all day today - for which I am grateful since I won't have to water my plants/veggies.  Oh, my daughter got accepted into a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program - 1 week this summer and she get a stipend of $50 :)