Friday, June 25, 2010

6/25 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the week: Wednesday - I took the day off and my daughter and I made it a day. We printed off coupons and I purchased a gift certificate on with an 80% off code. We watched a matinee - I believe it was "Killers" - with Aston Kutcher in it. We got a free panty at Victoria's Secret with any "Pink" purchase and we eached purchased a body spray on the 80% off rack - under $4 with tax. We had a nice meal and called it a day. Our condo rental agency filed a claim with BP for shortages in May's rental income - so, we shall see how that goes - hopefully smoothly. We made another large payment on the HELOC and are on track to pay it off in October or earlier - then back to saving for my daughter's education to cover any shortages that may crop up. I harvested 2 banana peppers this week - they were pretty tasty :) I tried to take a few items to the consignment store - they were overwhelmed - never had that happen before. Tomorrow is my husband's birthday - we will take him to a matinee (his request) and eat lunch at Red Robin's - they sent his a free meal coupon via e-mail and my daughter and I will probably share a meal since their sandwiches are so filling.

Friday, June 18, 2010

6/18 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the week: We gave up optical insurance this year since we didn't see a difference in the bottom line cost of out of pocket expenses - taken against the Health Saver's Account. So today, my husband and daughter went to one of those get your eyes examined and 2 pairs of glasses for $79 - or something around there. They plan to get an rx for contacts too and then order them on line. Tomorrow, we are taking my dad and husband out to lunch with gift certificates. Next weekend, we are taking my husband our to lunch with a gift certificate for his birthday. Will also be giving him a Barnes and Noble gift card earned from mypoints. Although my daughter's birthday is in early August - I have given her - her some of her birthday gift - $85 in Amazon gift certificates earned from mypoints, swagbucks, and other places. Also earned almost 900 credits on getting rid of some unwanted stuff. She has already "purchased" 1 item with the credits and has about 1/2 left to "spend". I have a few small tomatoes and banana peppers in my "garden". My daughter has a pet sitting gig next week. It is H.O.T. outside!

Friday, June 11, 2010

6/11 Expressions

This has been a rough week. There were three deaths at work: either current or retired co-workers. It sure takes a toll. On a sunnyier note: I get to see my daughter today - today is the last day of camp :) I have printed off a gift certificate - so we shall be taking her eat immediately after we pick her up. Got a rent check yesterday and a check for being mail decoy. Sadly, oil did hit "our" beach - the one with our (and a whole bunch of other people's) condo. My credits for selling 5 items on listia are just now hitting. I am going to let my daughter spend them for her upcoming birthday. I also got enough swagbucks to cash in for another Amazon $5 gift card. A few more points and I will have enough mypoints for another $10 GC. Here's hoping to a better next week . . . hopefully the markets stablize too.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

6/6 Expressions

Yesterday I made a quick run to Kroger. I found Chavrie with Basil and roasted Garlic goat cheese near the deli counter. I received a coupon for the product. I made quesadillas with the cheese - and they were wonderful. I used olive oil in the frying pan, tortilla, added some Chavrie, a little bit of shredded cheddar, 1 slice of roast beef, fresh herbs from my "garden" - topped with another tortilla, turned, browned, and cut into wedges - no leftovers :) My husband is driving my daughter to summer camp (1 week) - and will be staying overnight using hotel points. The camp is over 6 hours away. I sure hope she enjoys it. It is mainly an "academic" camp, but they get some fun time in too.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

6/5 Expressions

What a week. We spent the weekend at our beach condo last week and got to enjoy the beautiful beach. Sadly, I am reading that oil has hit the shore in the next town over yesterday. Lots of nice freebies in the mail this week: Clinical Secret, Body wash and more. I listed 5 things on Listia and they all "sold". I am hoping that the consignment store is "taking" items this week so I can continue to declutter. I do plan on rooting some hydrangea this weekend. I have 1 small tomato starting. Lots of small pear - and herbs.