Thursday, November 26, 2009

11/26 Expressions

Happy Thanksgiving! We are still without an oven, but, we will be taking the turkey over to my dad's for baking. Right now, I have a cornbread casserole cooking the crockpot and will make a sweet potato casserole. I do plan to hit a few Black Friday sales tomorrow. Hopefully, no 4 a.m. deals - and nothing worth fighting over. Thankfully, we are not looking for any of the hot ticket items. But, my daughter would like a few winter clothing items to round out her wardrobe. That should be it. And as for frugal, we have purchased home hair highlighting kits, and will be helping each other do our own. I felt shielded from "knowing" a person hit by unemployment. But I got a call last week from a friend - both she and her husband were laid-off. She asked for any job leads - and I gave her what I could and promised to keep my eyes and ears open. Sometimes it is easy to take things for granted. I guess this is a great day to help gather our thoughts and give thanks for what we do have.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

11/19 Expressions

Frugal Deeds for the Week: It has been a while, but I got a product to test. Yesterday, I purchased two turkeys from Wal-mart - the limit for the .40/lb turkey. I also transferred an rx with 1 re-fill left to Kroger for a $20 giftcard, the rx was .83. So, I will round out our thanksgiving meal with that giftcard. Our "slide-in" range/oven went haywire and the oven quit. I am sure it is as old as the house - 20 years or so. So, I went on-line, through mypoints, used a code found on the internet to get an additional $10 off, used my rewards credit card, free delivery and take-away is currently being offered, so, my new one will be delivered tomorrow. I picked up a check from the consignment store. Today is payday and I received a bonus, all of it, plus some will go toward the HELOC. Normally, I do not shop on Black Friday (except on the internet), but this year, I plan to take the day off from my "day job" and hit the stores with my daughter. She needs a few more winter clothing items to round out her wardrobe, and that is when we plan to buy her items and probably a few gifts. I had a few items to take to the consignment store - but their "system" went haywire and I will have to them back another day. I hope to list a few more items on ebay too. Slowly but surely, the clutter is coming under control and the extra padding to the savings account doesn't hurt either. Also, ebates paid my bonus to a paypal account I no longer wanted - it was a small amount - but I ended up donating it to a local free clinic. Seems everyone is strapped these days. People at work are in an uproar because the janitorial service looked over their contract and realized they didn't have to provide paper products for the breakroom. This may be "penny smart, pound foolish" on their part because I am sure the breakroom will be even messier with spills, etc. with nothing handy to wipe them. They've also put "greener" towel papers in the restrooms. And finally, this Saturday, there is a "Family Volunteering" event going on. So, I will be taking my daughter and I hope she enjoys her public service experience. We have a choice of making cards, walking animals, or "yard-work" for organizations/agencies with a need.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11/10 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the week: This week, I've found/received great coupons. In two of my free subscriptions, I have gotten $5 off a $5 purchase at Hallmark in Woman's Day, and Martha Stewart Living. Woman's Day, I am getting free through an internet sign-up and Martha Stewart, I believe I am getting through an air miles redemption program. In the mail, Kohl's sent me a $10 off $10 coupon. Victoria's Secret sent several coupons for free underwear. Bath and Body Works sent me a coupon for a free home fragrance item with any purchase - probably will purchase the $1 gift bag - great for holding a gift card and a small item. Kroger sent me a coupon for a free bag of frozen veggies. That's all I can think of for now.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

11/7 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the week: In a few hours, I am headed to a freecycler's home to dig up some English Ivy. I am hoping to turn a formerly landscaped part of the yard back into something beautiful without burning up too much cash. Then, I plan to do some cooking and baking to freeze food. I have found myself more and more tempted to stop for fast food or eating out for dinner - mainly because I am tired. I just earned another $5 Amazon Gift Card on Swagbucks and am waiting for a few more points to clear through Mypoints to redeem for a $10 gift card. This year, I'd like to give meaningful and useful gifts. I have been gathering fabrics that never made it to their intended purpose. I am thinking of turning some of it into pillow cases and perhaps placemats/napkins. I have also been looking in the gift closet and am thinking of making small baskets. You know, like adding coffee and perhaps homemade biscotti to a nice pair of stainless steel coffee mugs for the neighbor. The nice cut glass candle holders with the Yankee Candle votives with something from the dollar store - like bath beads for something,

Thursday, November 5, 2009

11/5 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the week: After a hiatus from ebay - we sold 3 items this week for more than we expected. Since we spent almost 2 weeks in Hawaii last summer, we have decided to keep things to a minimum this holiday season. The money earned from the ebay sale - items we no longer wanted - thus helping in the decluttering effort, will go toward a family gift. My husband got a nice pay-out of some vacation time. I also found out I will be getting a bonus in my next paycheck. In December, we have property taxes to pay, so these increases reduce the burden of the taxes a bit. I need to get in gear and take another load of items to the consignment shop and pick-up a check. We will be donating items to the Purple Heart next week. I had a bit of extra time today and baked two dozen banana muffins - freeing up some space in the freezer and things up - like the Bear Naked Banana Chip granola that went into the mix in place of "optional nuts". Over the next two weeks, I need to figure out what we should with our health insurance next year - was the vision plan worth it - no, dental plan - yes, how much to have deducted for HSA, etc.