Monday, January 26, 2009

1/26 Expressions

Random frugal expressions: Did I mention that we are set for our trip to the Big Island of Hawaii for 12 days this summer? We have our first class tickets booked - by redeeming miles for the upgrade and paying for our coach airfare - we essentially got a buy 1 get 2 free tickets deal. We found out that the times that were most convenient to us were in the "peak season" - so, we each would need to earn an additional 5,000 miles. We have great accomodations too. Now, since I have some time, I will be keeping my eyes open for car rental deals, earning gift cards to places to eat/buy groceries, etc. My daughter won an art award at the school and city level - now her artwork is in competition at the State level. She also was invited to join an academic honor society, and this past weekend took an exam to determine if she would be eligible to be a part of a national mathematics program. Sounds like bragging doesn't - well it is a bit. But it can also be frugal. I mentioned to my daughter, if she keeps applying herself, the chances of getting a scholarship to college will be greater - and in turn, less damage to the 'ol 'rents pocketbook/wallet.

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