Friday, January 9, 2009

1/9 Expressions

Iam thinking ahead about holiday gifts next year. This year, we got gifts out of the gift closet for some last minute gifts my daughter gave to classmates. So far this year, I purchased a kit to make mini gingerbread houses. This kit was just over $5 from Barnes & Noble - free shipping, went thru American Airlines - my husband needs a few more miles for our trip to Hawaii next year - used our preferred customer card and a code. Anyway, my vision is to mass produce these mini houses and package them in those "Chinese food take-out containers". I also looked up a recipe for homemade bath fizzies or bath "bombs" - nicely packaged, they would make a nice gift too. On a sad note, my husband attempted to the test drive today - the local dealership is closed (as in forever). But the one in the next town over is open - so, we are both going - because that is where Aldi is and they have great prices on produces and few other items. They also have a "Habitat for Humanity Re-sale store I want to check out". So, hopefully, we can get it all done tomorrow. I also decided to inquire about taking out a mortgage for a vacation home or rental property. The requirements are very rigid. Anyway, there's going to be an absolute auction and I am researching to see if it would be feasible for us to be involved. As for food deals, my husband was able to purchase 6 boxes of South Beach/Kraft Protien bars with coupons at Walgreens and I already submitted my rebate for $5.50. After taxes, I will have "made" $1 (or should I say broke even since gas was used to get there - although not $1's worth :) This Sunday, I am going to buy Michael Angelo's frozen meals (these are extra-ordinarily yummy - and this is not a paid advertisement :) On their website - you can print buy 1 get 1 free coupons for the meals - a bargain in itself - but they sent me an e-mail with a rebate form - get up to 6 free when I invite friends. What a deal :)

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