Saturday, January 3, 2009

1/3 Expressions

We had an absolutely wonderful time at the beach. We used the last of our free movie tickets and purchase one matinee ticket for the three of us to watch ". . . Benjamin Button". I am usually not a big movie 'goer - but I did enjoy this last round of movies. We also ate out twice using the Restaurant.COM gift certificates. We saw some sales, but nothing really drastic at the outlet mall. Our favorite stop was Harry & David's - got the $49 Holiday Pyramid for $12.XX - lots of yummy snacks for us. Also on our drive down, I spilled the beans to the family. I received my two coupons for dtv converters last week. I was able to order them for $9.99 each from Amazon. I have heard wonderful things about these things. My daughter and husband have an attachment to satellite signal tv. Although we aren't on the most expensive package, we have had it for several years. As busy as everyone is, when I got them to discuss that while the monthly bill isn't outrageous - when you multiply by 12 (for 1 year) - it starts to "add" up. So, they are in agreement, if this thing works well, and we will get rid of the satellite signal and divert that $ toward our vacation this summer!

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