Sunday, May 12, 2013

5/12 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Happy Mother's Day!  My husband made breakfast - and I have agreed to go to a Chinese Buffet for lunch - w/10% off coupon :)  Otherwise, I will spend the rest of the day painting and do other chores around the house to keep our maintenance/decorating bill low when we move.  DH is going to the Dollar Tree to see if they have painter's tape and sand paper for a $1 a pack.  If not, he will get them at Wal-Mart which is right next door.   I took a vacation day tomorrow.  Although the lady that writes estimates for the granite counter tops for the bathrooms won't be here until Friday morning - I will be checking out the 3 $29/sqft granite at the store.  I just need to keep moving to make sure we get as much stuff that we can done DIY, before starting to fork out cash.  But, I have a plan in place that is reasonable.

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