Saturday, May 25, 2013

5/25 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Got lots of chores done.  My husband fixed 2 electrical problems, painted, mowed, etc.  I power-washed the front entry/sidewalk - and then my husband tried to turn the outside faucet off - and the handle broke off?  Emergency plumber?  $160 - ouch.  Oh well, I feel like we saved more than that doing all the DIY we did today.  Then my daughter - after getting her hair done at the beauty school came home - and we hit the Guitar Center because she had a gift card from her uncle - and boy was he generous.  Anyway, I found a 12 percent off $99 coupon and my daughter got Memorial Day sale special on the item she was looking for.  She got $100 off the retail price with the coupon and discount.  Then we went to Best Buy - with my $5 gift card that I got on Listia - she used it to buy a charger for her "free" Kindle Fire HD.  Then we went to Earthfare - DD pulled up the mobile coupon for 10 grass fed beef burgers for $10 and my husband had enough Tomato Points for $10 - so we got all 10 for free - not even tax :)  In the meantime, my daughter had dropped off some items at Plato's Closet for some quick cash - she got a few $ - and the items not bought will go to a charitable organization - I have an appointment for a pick-up in about 2 weeks - that should give us enough time to go through our stuff and decide what we want to donate.  All meals cooked at home as I want to use up as much as I can out of our pantry, fridge, freezer.

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