Thursday, June 12, 2008

6/12 Expressions

Wow - we just ordered $100 worth (slightly over) of men's apparel for my husband and did the $75 Shell gas card deal it seems like this week. The clothes are already here - now, if only the gas card will show up just as fast. Also, the CD my husband ordered last week? with his Pepsi points - it came too. Tonight's dinner, fried rice as I want to use up fresh veggies (spinach, baby carrots, and snow peas) and a bit of ham. I am cleaning out our fridge in preparation for our trip. I also hopped in the tub and will be watering the plants inside and out with the water. I saved the 2 Lt soda bottles from a recent sale - free Sierra Mist at CVS with internet coupons. I found instructions to build "self" watering units with them. Basically, cut the bottom of the bottle off take the lid off and cover with panty hose - I attached the "hose" cut from a "bad" pair with rubber bands - mainly from newspaper wrappings or broccoli bunches. Push the "hose" part (top) into the dirt and fill through the bottle's bottom (which is now the top) with water. I mainly want to make sure my "cheap" deal (shipping only plants) - the lemon and banana trees stay hydrated.

Oh, and when getting work done - get several quotes. The best price for the carpeting for our rental unit - was just over $600 less than the most expensive quote and included removal of the old carpeting. The rental agent got 2 quotes and I sent over 2 companies. The good news is, the rental agent said there have been lots of calls this week. She think the monthly rental will be higher than she first anticipated. If she gets what she stated today, it will be 50% higher than what we were last charging the tenant who lived there for 10 years.

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