Saturday, June 7, 2008

6/7 Expresssions

Good thing I woke up early this a.m. The early bird really does catch the worm. Last year, my daughter participated in two "kids" fishing tournaments. Normally they advertise at least days in advance. This second one, I found a small blurb in the paper - "For you early risers . . .". So, my daughter and husband are at the fishing tournament. Last year, she caught a small fish and "won" a remote controlled boat. It said kids can win up to $5,000 - wow! So, that's part of the exitement for the day. I am going to take a bath. But instead of draining the water, I am going to use it to water plants both inside and outside of the house. I am also planning to do another round of brownies/peanut butter cookies/chocolate chip cookies baking - and will throw in potatoes to bake with the stuff. Having those items in the freezer was very convenient - snacks on demand. Plus, we will be going on our vacation soon, I can throw the bags in a cooler with other snacks and drinks for the trip. I got a Publix flyer in the newspaper this week - I have already started matching coupons to some sales. I am planning to do a run tomorrow afternoon. I want to stock up for the trip too as we will have cooking facilities at most of our stops. We will definitely be eating some meals out, but, I'd like to make some nice meals in. I read Dollar General has the Chex Snack Mix bags on sale for $1.25 - I have seen them as low as $1 in the past, but I'll take the $1.25. I printed 2 coupons from (go through mypoints for extra points) or Dollar General is on my route for tomorrow. I am also going to dig up those plants that died - I have the receipt ready to go and I will be getting my money back. I have a few coupons ready for Wal-mart too and will spend no more than my plant refund there.

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