Saturday, June 28, 2008

6/27 Expressions

Today, we were treated to a lunch out, in honor of my husband's birthday earlier this week. Afterward, we stopped at Kroger and rented "The Bucket List" for a buck and tax. It was a great movie. We also scoured Kroger for manager specials. For half price or less, I got a large box of fried chicken, a large box of tenderloin, a bag of tender salad greens, a half of a cantalope stuffed w/strawberries/blueberries. Of course we got a few items we were out of - but other than a few things for lunches, my list for tomorrow will be short.

In the mail, lots of freebie/cheapie magazines. My favorite - "All You" - seems to be full of coupons and refund forms this this month.

We are getting much needed rain at the moment - the plants really needed a drink and mother nature's watering is sure cheaper than city water.

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