Thursday, December 23, 2010

12/23 Expressions

Frugal Deeds for the week:  We just returned from our annual beach condo maintenance trip.  We spent the least this year - and disappointedly, J C Penney did not deliver our sofa.  The claim is:  they could not get it in the elevator - and did not want to carry it up the stairwell.  Of course the delivery guys tried to say the sofa was refused - but that was cleared-up - and we will be getting the full amount credited back by the end of this week.  Another retailer on my list :(  Anyway, we got some painting, cleaning, changed out the bedding, drapes, washed and placed inventory while there.  We also relaxed, ate out a couple of times.  Sadly, one of our gift certificates was refused (no longer accepting them).  Of course, I just got off the phone with and they posted a credit.  Great customer service.  Mail was great:  free bag of dog food, a gift of dried fruits, etc.  My husband and I have discussed the stock market and our retirement accounts.  While we still have faith in the stock market, and don't believe in timing - we have decided now that we have "recovered" - we have decided to rebalance our accounts to be much more conservative - plus, we are close to being able to retire - and would like to take the opportunity to retire "early" if it becomes available.  So, we are going to move the amount we had at our previous high into the conservative government securities fund.  The "leftover" and contributions we be split between the common stock and small-cap stock funds.  Decided to ditch the international fund totally.  When our "leftover" accounts hit a certain $ value, we will sweep (re-balance) into the ultra conservative fund.  That's our plan - as stated on this site - I am not a financial advisor, and nothing in this post should be taken as advice to anyone.

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