Saturday, December 4, 2010

12/4 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  I got a refund check in the mail.  I cashed in my Rite Aid rebate - so, I should be getting a check soon.  Today, we went to Victoria's Secret and spent the gift cards with mysterious values - all of them were for $10 - and you can get a lot with that.  Best deal - $10 "Pink" cologne and get the "Pink" dog free (price on the tag - $10).  Also went to Barnes and Noble - they are still running the buy $100 in Gift Certificates and get a $10 promotional one free.  We did that deal - and then turned around and bought a book for my daughter using a 15% off coupon, got some Godiva Chocolates, some Starbucks coffee used out membership card, coupons on everything, then paid with the giftcard.  By mentioning my daughter's school, a certain percentage will get donated to her school.  So, we now have some gift we can put together for the neighbor, etc.  I also shopped at Dollar General Market - using the $5 off $25 coupon and used a few more coupons and got the 1 cent eggs.  A very generous friend sent us a wonderful package of Harry & David Dips and Soups.  I haven't tasted a thing at Harry & David's that I did not like.  We had lunch at a restaurant - I got the $10 off $20 gift certificate free from the "pay-it-forward" promotion last month.  I also reserved a reservation on "open table" and we earned a few points that way.  After all of the shopping, I took the receipts to the mall's customer service and received a gift card for $25 at almost any store in the complex.  My husband stopped at the Hallmark store and used the free $10 and $5 coupons.  He used the $10 toward Christmas cards - I know I got some on clearance - but for the life of me - cannot find them.  The $5 went toward some more of that wonderful candy cane bark.  I wrapped a few gifts today too.

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