Sunday, November 11, 2012

11/11 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Last night, I spent a few minutes cashing in . . . my husband cashed in his Chase Sapphire bonus and points for a $432.23 direct deposit.  I cashed in points on 2 of my Chase cards for $10 CVS cards.  Today, my daughter and went to Michaels with coupon (25% off everything) and gift card and I bought supplies for 2 bracelets - used just under $10 on the gift card.  Then we headed to Target - same shopping complex and she used her Shopkick app and we got 2 Venti Lattes for $0 - she had a BOGO coupon and I had a free drink loaded on my card.  Then I headed to Dollar Tree and purchased laundry detergent and cinnamon.  When we went to the beach last weekend, I purchased an orange tree and and meyer's lemon tree for $9.99 each.  So, I found a washtub in the garage and a bit cooking pot - and now have the plants plus some herbs and lettuce/tomato plant growing inside on my 1960's end tables.  Tonight, my daughter and I plant get a few free underwear at Victoria's Secret - use the $10 off bras - and get a free Secret Angel card - worth at least $10 at the "Pink Party" tonight.  We will also stopped at Bed, Bath, and Beyond in the same complex to see if they sell the Nescaffe Dolce Grande pods - and I am hoping to use a $5 off $15 coupon to get at least 2 boxes of 8 or 16 count.  I am dying my hair with box color in a few minutes and giving myself a french manicure before leaving for the event.

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