Tuesday, November 13, 2012

11/13 Expressions

Pictured are the plants I repotted/brought in before the cold, dreary weather hit.  We had a frost warning last night - of course the plants have been in place since Saturday.  So far, they look pretty happy.  I hope I get lemons/oranges next year - I can dream can't I.  I hope I get a few leaves of lettuce - and my rosemary seems to be going strong.  Hard to see, but, my Aldi Aloe Vera is doing pretty well too.  I have yet to use it for anything - soothe a burn, etc. - but maybe that is a good thing.  Yesterday, my daughter decided to spend some of her clothing budget at Alter'd State.  She took in 3 cans for 20%  of regular priced items and 40% off clearanced/sale items.  She got a nice assortment of clothing and was very discerning since she was spending her own $. 

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