Tuesday, July 22, 2008

7/22 Expressions

Entertainment: My latest project is planning for spring break and our 20th wedding anniversary. They fall about a month within each other. We are thinking about going back to Oahu. We have usually earned a free flight by saving miles. This time, we think we want to splurge - and pay for the cheapest ticket and use miles to upgrade to first class. I just signed up for an Airline Credit card - no annual fee for the first year and 25,000 miles after spending $750 on it. But it takes up to 10 weeks after spending the $750 to get credited the miles. So, I don't want to get too excited yet with all of the airline merging, going out of business, etc. I just fiddled with the reservation program, and it looks like if we go this route, we can all fly first class for less than the price of 1 first class fare. First class didn't mean much for a long time. They didn't seem to have much extra room or much better service. These days, especially on long flights, it would mean something.

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