Tuesday, July 8, 2008

7/8/08 Expressions

what did I do that was frugal today? During lunch break, I drove roundrip, about 5 miles and went to the consignment store a dropped off a load and picked up 2 small $ checks, cashed the checks at the bank for pocket money, stopped at the library to return a few books and renew one, and mailed an oversized envelope.

This evening, my daughter, her friend, and I will be attending the grand opening party of a local bookstore opening.

One last final fix in the property we re-rented/renovated last month. The washer needed a $250 repair and the dryer was kaput! These appliances were atleast 20 years old - so, not much surprise there. The rental agent said the appliance guy would repair my washer for $250 or replace both for $250 with reconditioned appliances - including installation - a reputable dealer that they deal with often. It was a no-brainer for me - almost seemed too good to be true since they are full sized appliances. Of course part of the deal was - he was hauling the old stuff out. I googled copper wire (seems to be a popular item these days) - I read that the old appliance generally have some worth stripping. Plus, I figure the scrap metal. So, perhaps it was a worthwhile deal for the appliance dealer. Sure beats paying more and figuring out how to haul the stuff to the recycler.

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