Monday, July 28, 2008

7/28 Expressions

Planning: To save on gas, money and time, we made semi-annual dental cleaning appointments for my husband and daughter. (Entire cleaning is covered by insurance, thank goodness). Our dentist is a bit out of the way, but we really like him. He is an old fashioned dentist. So, on the way, they will drop off the bags of soda cans we have been saving for a few bucks at the recycling center. Aldi is also out of the way for us - but is just down the street from the dentist. So, they will make a stop there and pick up some good deals and a few favorites. And that comes to what I received in the mail today, a durable shopping bag - great to use at Aldi :) Oh, and the dentist always throws in a few freebies, a new toothbrush, but sometimes also sample of toothpaste and dental floss.

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