Thursday, July 31, 2008

7/31 Expressions

Freecycle: We had a freecycle group in our area start-up years ago. I signed-up - but never participated in giving or receiving. I was just "lurking". Anyway, all of a sudden it was gone. Last month, I thought about checking it out again, and sure enough, a group had started again. This will be a good way to get rid of stuff too. People ask for moving boxes - uh, we have some that we were slowly dumping when there was room in the trash. Now, when we get a bunch emptied, I know how to get rid of them quickly and put them to good use. But anyways, years ago, we had a small round dining table that was taking up space in the garage. I gave it to a recently divorced co-worker. Fast-forward to today, I just got one from freecycle (well, I pick it up tomorrow). We have a "bonus" room. I want to make it the family "game" room. We can keep board games, etc. in there and now, we'll have a table and chairs too. Last week, I got a Nintendo 64 - believe me, I know nothing about this stuff, but my daughter said - even though it is an old game system, she'd like it to play "Pac-man". So, there's a start to our game - perhaps hobby room. I figure if we give it a purpose - it won't become a junk room.

Coupons: Publix mailed me some nice coupons today. $5 off $30, etc. So, I printed a few coupons from web-sites to coincide with their BOGO sale. Since my husband and daughter will be making a stop at Aldi tomorrow, I probably won't need much. But, I am hoping to combine coupons at Publix and get some good deals and stay within our budget.

Condo Principal Payment: Today, I made a large "principal only" payment toward our condo. I am hoping to have it paid off by next summer.

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