Sunday, July 6, 2008

7/6 Expressions

With gas prices moving up, and time being precious, I pretty much quit accepting mystery shopping assignments. Most pay between $7 - $20. Driving to and from a place, plus taking the time to memorize the requirements, then entering a report on-line - well, to me, it just was worth it anymore. I don't accept those types of shops unless I am going to the establishment anyway or am really interested in visiting the establishment. If was a fun gig while for a while. But today, we got accepted for a nice dinner shop, later this month. Of course, being a mystery shopping, I cannot reveal the establishment - but it is one we really wanted to try. If you are interested in mystery shopping, can work "undercover", are fair, can memorize information, and like to write, learn about mystery shopping (get leads on openings - types of establishments, reputable companies to sign-up with, etc.) at

I shopped Publix this morning, the 1 cent item was a 64 oz bottle of Juicy Juice. I also used my last Planter's $3 off coupon on BOGO Cocktail peanuts that are $3.39 and I printed off 2 $1 off Glen Muir products at To buy the 1 cent item, you must spend $10 - so, I let the cashier ring everything up, hand her the 1 cent item coupon, then the rest. Of course, they had some nice fruit in the produce section - so, I didn't get out of there for as "cheap" as I could have - but I got out of there for $7.74. Of course it is right next door to Rite Aid, and since they had sent me the $10 gift certificate - I also participated in rebate items we can use. With Rite Aid rebates, you can electronically file to get your rebate. CVS had a some nice deals going with the extra bucks too! One item had been cleared off the shelf. It does warm my heart that I am no longer the "odd" coupon user - I see people all over with coupons in their hand :) My daughter and I were talking about coupons. I asked her if she could would rather spend hard earned $ or pieces of paper clipped from the paper, magazines, or printed off the internet. Although she did hesitate a bit, she said coupons.

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