Saturday, September 13, 2008

9/13 Expressions

Cheap Clothing: Today, we were out and about. On our way home, we stopped at my favorite thrift store. Wow - today was $1 day for clothing items. I got 2 suits, 1 sweater, 1 shirt, 1 pr of pants, and a skirt for just over $8 - they charge tax - and the suits were $2 each. I am now pretty much done sprucing up my fall/winter office wear wardrobe, including 5 new to me suits, for around $70 total.

Entertainment: We used the half price gift certificate I got from a radio station's special. We had a very large and delicious pizza and paddled a paddleboat this afternoon. Afterward, we stopped at the science museum for the freebie day. We just happened to drive by a farmers' market - not cheap - but perhaps frugal, but we got a few tomatoes, yellow squash, and honey with a piece of honey comb in a pint jar.

Misc: We stopped at Staples to get my daughter's purse pattern copied/enlarged. It was 8 cents per page. So, 2 patterns on 3 pages cost us .24. We also recycled 2 ink cartridges - we thought we would get 2 $3 coupons - nope, now you get a check quarterly - part of the rewards program.

Mail: My husband got a free razor and I got 2 Cascade dishwasher tablets and the Eraser sponge from Walmart. Included in the ssmple pack were a coupon for $1.50 on dishwasher tablets and .50 off the eraser sponge. Oh yes, Victoria's Secret sent me a coupon for a free pair of cotton underwear.

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