Saturday, September 27, 2008

9/27 Expressions

We got paid this week and made another "principal only" payment on the condo. We should be on track to get the place paid off around this time next year (hopefully earlier). We got our "Inventory" list - items that need to be replaced. Haha, you should see the prices if I let them buy it for me - the price of convenience. For me, they were "let me fall out of this chair" prices. So, I need to replace the broiler pan, dutch oven, cookie sheet, dust pan, wine glasses, kitchen shears. I had a brand new pair of kitchen shears from the great bargain days of the internet from the days gone by. So, that's in the box we need to take when we do minor maintenance/updates and squeeze in a few days for ourselves. Prices vary widely on the rest of the stuff - but I placed an order - went through mypoints, found a 10% off code for Target and ordered the broiler pan, dutch oven and cookie sheet - just over $50 including shipping. Today, I am running to the dollar tree and will pick up the wine glasses and dust pan - should be under $10. WOW - I just checked my e-mails and got one from RESTAURANT.COM. It has been a while since I have "ordered" a giftcertificate. I went thru MYPOINTS and currently, you earn 6 points per $1 spent. The e-mail had a code - FALL - to get 60% off - good through 30 Sep 08. Well, since we are going to the beach in the next couple of months for a working vacation, I just took a peek. There are two restaurants in the vicinity. RIBS & REDS in Gulf Shores and LESTERS in Orange Beach. I have never been to either, but will surely give them a try with the gift certificates. We ended up paying $8 for 2 $25 Gift Certificates.

We have weekend passes to a music festival. We went last night and standing sure does take its toll. My husband's first impulse was to run out and buy folding chairs. Mine, look in the storage spaces/garage and see if we have some. If not, we have a relative that lives very near that has plenty of them, lets borrow them in exchange for a pan of freshly baked Pillsbury cinnamon rolls - bought on sale, store incentive, and a coupon. This will help get them out of the fridge and help someone else eat a few extra calories we don't need.

Mail last week was nice. I must have joined Pillsbury's panel? Anyway, they were kind of enough to send me a coupon for a free "can" of pizza dough and $1.10 off coupons for additional cans. I plan to hand a few out as instructed. I received several rebate checks which were cashed for "pocket change" for this week.

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