Tuesday, September 2, 2008

9/2 Expressions

The good news for the day is that our condo/building did not sustain any kind of damages. No spending there.

I have been watching a HUD home on line for months now. It was for sale for $113,000. Then it dropped to $103,000. I looked on line at the tax appraisal - just over $85,000. It is in a great school district. My concerns, it is in the historic section, but, it looks like the previous owners added a shoddy looking extension. After about 4 months - it had dropped to $92,000. I called today. I was wondering if HUD did short sales. I was also concerned if there were any damages resulting from sitting on the market w/no occupants for so long. Turns out, someone bid $95,235 and the bid was accepted an hour before I called. Win some, lose some. But, I had never purchased a HUD home before - as I rarely saw anything appealing to me. So, it never hurts to keep your eyes open.

I received 3 small checks in the mail and 2 samples.

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