Saturday, September 20, 2008

9/19 Expressions

Mail: I have gotten some nice freebies in the mail this past week. A coupon for a free bag of IAMs dog food, a nice coupon package from BuzzAgent for Promise Power Shots for High Blood Pressure and a rebate check and a survey check.

Frugal Activities: We watched a $1 rental movie yesterday, although we ate out with a 1/2 price gift certificate. I set a limit on grocery spending yesterday and beat it by a few cents. I really need to get in gear, but those indoor salad growing contraptions have caught my eye. I am wondering if I do a frugal version, i.e., flower pot near the window, different lettuce/herb seeds growing in the house for fresh salads.

Financial Activities: Still keeping my eye on paying off the condo by this time next year and we are slightly ahead of "schedule". These next couple of months will be leaner as condo rentals go into the "low" season (price and occupancy-wise). I am hoping we have very little maintenance/upgrading to do this year. Also, I am hoping property taxes go down also.

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