Monday, October 13, 2008

10/13 Expressions

Today's Frugal Deeds: My husband and I have today "off", but my daughter has school. My husband ran our errands today and I provided him coupons to save a few $'s. First, he dropped off some clothes at the dry cleaners. The place we use charges $2.39 per item. On the back of Kroger receipts, they have coupons to drop the price to $2.19 per item. Kroger receipts no longer have this item, but fortunately, I saved a bunch, and they don't have an expiration date. The store honored it the last two times we dropped stuff off. Then to CVS to get my daughter's saline solution for her contacts. I printed a $1 off coupon from and I had $10.XX in ECBs to use. Too bad we burned through our HSA already, or I would have sent in the receipt. Then to Kroger for $2.91/gal gas with our Kroger Giftcard we bought when they offered 10% more - and purchased on a air miles credit card. Finally, his last stop was Publix. I checked the internet quickly, and printed 2 $1 off Barber Foods Chicken meals that are BOGO, regularly $4.XX each, then I printed 2 $1 off any Kelloggs for the BOGO Special K that is regularly $3.XX, and I printed off 2 $1 off Liquid Coffee Cream, on sale for 3/$5 and I gave him the Mystery Item coupon - turned out to be Publix Corn Candy (and it is yummy :). Total after coupons, $6.XX. While he was running errands, I found a list of "reasonable values" for items donated to charity, and have itemized the items and they are ready to go. I have 10 items - almost ready for the consignment store. We were hoping to deposit some refund checks, but, the banks are closed. Lunch was Johnsonville Brats on sale at Kroger at $2.99, minus a $1 coupon, a .5X can of Kroger brand "pork 'n beans", and cheddar cheese mashed potatoes from the last Publix BOGO sale with internet coupon and there are 2 packages per box. So, for a buck or less a piece, we had comfort food on our lazy fall day. Of course we have plenty of leftovers packed away too.

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