Thursday, October 2, 2008

10/2 Expressions

Frugal Vacation (sort of): Next week my daughter is on vacation. My husband has to travel for work part of the week. Combine the two for a frugal vacation. My husband and I have enough miles for what we thought would be "free" tickets. But to our minor chagrin, a free ticket now costs $110 - of course the cheapest if we had to "pay" is around $440. So, we got 2 tickets for half the price of the "cheapest" ticket.

Frugal Meal: I must have joined something because Pillsbury sent me a coupon for free refrigerated pizza dough. I had tried it in the past - and can't say it was a favorite. I got a can last week and since I was a bit pressed for time - I made pizza with ingredients I had on hand. I stretched the dough to fit our cookie sheet - so it was a "thin" crust. This time, every bit of it was gone as everyone in the family raved about it.

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