Monday, October 27, 2008

10/27 Expressions

Frugal Deeds for the Day: I have noticed plenty of ways to get the Flu-shot free this season. Not only am I being offered to get it free through work, but I noticed an article in the local newspaper - the County Health Department is also offering it for free this season. My frivolous frugal deed - I polished my nails with free polish at lunch - with the nic 'stick - I believe - it was a freebie from a couple of months ago at Ulta. The other nice thing about the stick - it doesn't have a strong "smell". It is like a marker - easy to paint on and looks pretty good (especially for free). I also spent about 30 minutes today going through closets to find stuff to put into the "donate" box and I also found a few items to consign. Tomorrow, I will will prepare the paperwork for the consignment stuff. I won a hair-cut certificate at a silent auction for charity for $5 earlier this month. I called and made an appointment for my husband to get his hair cut. It would be cheaper if he would let me cut his hair for him, but he did once - and that was it. Not only did he claim it didn't look right (the barber he went to asked him who gave him last hair cut - I told my husband they all say that when they want your business), I nicked his ear. So, that $5 is a bargain in this household and I am sure he will throw in a tip (if the stylist doesn't nick his ear).

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