Saturday, March 2, 2013

3/2 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day: Today, I got a coupon for a free Oscar Mayer Carving Boad sandwich meat pack - up to $7. That was easy - and it will go to my husband - along with the coupon for a free 2LT Pepsi Next - that should cut down on his grocery bill a bit. I also received a Staples rebate. Oh, and yesterday, I got 3 tea bags from Lipton. Nice freebies. Also, my daughter had a school event and they asked for 2 12 packs of drinks for a fund raiser - I used my free Coke 12 pack coupon for 1 of the donated items. Spring break is just around the corner and we want to check-out a few college campuses. Unfrugal - we didn't search for free flights earlier - so there aren't any. But, my husband snagged cheap flights for us last night and we will be using hotel points for free lodging.

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