Friday, March 8, 2013

3/8 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Today - for a birthday gift to myself - I used my Groupon for the 4 hour deep cleaning - and I love coming home to a clean house :)  In the mail:  I got a coupon for a free Coke product - also 2 freebie magazines.  Finally figured out how to do billpay - so, now I can pay 3 bills and get my Kindle Fire HD.  I stopped at Aldi during lunch and for under $5 - I got a dozen eggs, 5lb bag of red potatoes, 2 lbs of bananas, and 2 or 3 lb bag of tangerines.  I also picked up my 2 plush bath towels from JCP - total out of pocket for the 2, $4 - and they are great for yoga :)  And, I stopped by my credit union to make a deposit - and get a nice cup of coffee.  And while I should go to yoga tonight - I am going to relax and take in this clean house and read a magazine - and cook dinner and maybe some banana muffins (w/defrosted ripe bananas).  Tomorrow, my husband and I are going to ACE Hardware to get a free quart of paint - white - and I have decided to paint my cabinets white - and clean up the brass hardware - and be done with it.  I want to be ready to sell this house when the time is right without fretting about "things that need to be done before selling".

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