Saturday, March 23, 2013

3/23 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  We had a nice lunch at home with my dad.  He appreciates home cooked meals more than restaurant meals - and we kept it frugal.  My husband is going to donate blood today - and will get tickets to movie theatre - so, we have invited my daughter's adopted grandmother to go with us tomorrow.  She is such a sweet lady and we haven't visited with her for quite some time.  Afterward, we will take her out for dessert and coffee.  Frugal lessons:  Yesterday, while getting my hair "done" at the beauty school - the instructor started explaining how they charge - guess everyone is tightening up and trying to be more efficient these days.  Anyway, I brought a picture in - I wanted a shorter style - slightly shorter than shoulder length - about 5 inches of hair cut off.  And of course I wanted to get my dyed.  So, the instructor starts with the base price - but then starts with "your hair is thick and long" so, we will have to use 3 additional rations - and each ration is $13 since I choose an experienced student over a newbie.  I looked at her and said what if I get my hair cut first - she said - oh, yeah, that is a good idea.  So, I did have to get one additional ration - but getting my hair cut first saved me $26.  In this "economy" - it doesn't hurt to change the order of things, especially if it doesn't change the result of the process, to save a "few" bucks :)  On a side note, many of co-workers have been telling me that they have decided to get rid of their movie channels, changed their work schedule so their child doesn't go to after school care, etc.  So, while I though the economy was improving - seems it hasn't for many folks - or, are they finally feeling the effects.  We are a cable-less family - except at the beach condo - part of the maintenance fee.  But we relish it when we travel - it is a treat.  And truly, we would rarely have time to watch it at home.  We thought about changing the cell phone plans for my daughter and husband - my husband - on his own - decided we would not save any money :)  So, they will keep their 2 year old androids, and stay with the pay-as-you-go talk/text/data.  I still have a 8 year old basic cellphone - that I pay $ one-time a year - I think it was $100 - and I never use up the minutes in a year's time.

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