Friday, March 22, 2013

3/22 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  Today is my birthday and I plan to spend it enjoying my family and bargains - my two favorite things :)  This morning, my wonderful husband made cheddar cheese (freebie from Earthfare) Omelet and coffee for me - served on a tray.  Shortly, I have an appointment at the beauty school for a cut and color.  My husband will get the freebie lunch from Captain D's for the two of us to enjoy - we are both "off" from work today - an early start to Spring break :)  He will drop the dog off at Petsmart and pay for her cut with a discounted giftcard (tip in cash of course).  My daughter is treating us to dinner - since I get to pick - I have decided on a casual Asian place in the theme shopping mall - where I plan to first stop at Ulta and get my brows arched for the price of a tip only :)  I also plan to stop at Panera and pick up my free dessert to enjoy later - we may enjoy it there between the three of us with coffee?  After my husband drops the dog off at Petsmart, he will stop at Earthfare and pick-up $10 worth of individual desserts, use $5 in Tomato Bank points and get 2 pineapples for free - these will be used for the lunch we are preparing at home tomorrow to celebrate my birthday with my dad.  Less work for us - more enjoyment for everyone.  My husband will also stop at Kroger and use a few coupons I cut out - and also get a Redbox for us to enjoy this evening with the .50 off code they sent :)  Added:  Woot - CVS sent me a $3 off anything coupon - I will stop and get a few trial sized toiletries for a short trip we plan to take shortly :)  I also looked birthday freebies up - and just for showing my driver's license - today I can - but probably won't - although they are nice freebies - could have gotten a free breakfast - the GrandSlam at Denny's, and a free sub at Firehouse Sub.  ADDED:  Bust:  Brow Bar in the ULTA no longer does the birthday brows :(  But double thumbs up:  Panera not only gave me a free dessert for my birthday - I was informed that my card had a "coupon" for a free smoothie or espresso - my daughter asked for a chai latte - and we got that for free :) 

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