Sunday, May 18, 2008

5/18 Expressions

I got my coupons together early this a.m. and headed to Publix. I purchased just over $50 worth of groceries for $7.31 - of which $3.29 was tax, You can't see the "total savings at Publix" block - but it is $$46.80. I would have done better if I didn't "have" to buy the chips (no coupon for 2 bags) and dip. But I committed to bringing something for a graduation party this week - so that's my contribution. We have what we "need" for this week from our Aldi shop earlier this week - but the extra pantry items and convenience foods will make this week a bit less hectic. Oh, in our area, the penny item is Publix's brand pasta sauce.

Just for a touch of "beauty" - I added one of my impromputu yard flower bouquets. Flowers are blooming away this time of the year. The "fuzzy" looking pink flower is a first for me. It might have gotten "frozen" out last year. The "vase" was a thriftshop find from last year. If I remember correctly, it cost around $1.50.

This was my first time to drive the new car. For me, it drives like a dream.

And just wanted to mention, we bought theme park tickets earlier this week through my employer. I wasn't sure we saved much - but was shocked at prices this year - in a good way. We are planning to head to Orlando, combining business and pleasure, so, that will cut some of our travel/lodging/food costs. My daughter is fortunate in that in her life time, she has been to all of the "major" theme parks in the area. But, she and my husband get so much enjoyment out of going - still. I have to admit, those rides make me dizzy, sick, etc. So, for me, it is a waste of $. Since they will have 3 full days to go "parking" - that was our starting point. Then they decided they wanted two days at Universal and one day at Seaworld (which seemed a "waste" to me, since if they operate the same as the last time we went, when we got inside of Seaworld, there was a line to get a pass to get in for free the next day - so, more like a BOGO to me). Although they love WDW, I don't love the prices (of course we didn't check this time - so, they may have great specials this year too.) Anyway, when we inquired about the tickets, we were told the special was a 7 day unlimited pass to both Universal parks for $78 each ticket. Of course we won't need it for 7 days - so, we asked about the 1 day pass, $6X was the best price. Sure didn't make sense to buy 2 1 day passes because my employer doesn't sell 2 days passes. Then we asked about the price for Seaworld - $5X for 1 day. So, it was a no brainer, we got the $78 ticket. But I went on line, it says by shopping on line, you are saving at least $10 per ticket. Also, if you buy the 7 day pass on line, at least 2 days in advance, you get it for $79.99 - our's didn't require the 2 days in advance - but we did - and the price for the immediate use ticket is $100.XX. Of course there's shipping & handling charges - so, the savings by buying the tickets through my employer isn't as great as I thought - but still a savings indeed!

This afernoon, we plan to visit Wal-mart for their free "Sundae" samples. Can't beat free ice-cream. But we also wanted to get some grass seed. We had our first lawn treatment a few weeks ago. The weeds are turning brown and the grass does look greener. But those brown "weed" patches look like they can use some help - so, we are hoping a bag of seeds will do the trick.


Rachel said...

You did so well with your grocery shopping. My husband thinks that it is a waste of time trying to spend a bit less money on the cheaper expenses such as food, but maybe if I show him your article he will change his mind!

A Frugal Mom's Financial Expressions said...

Thanks for the comment! I hope you can convince your husband it is worthwhile. My husband used to think it was a waste of time too. But he didn't realize that some stores double (our Publix does up to .50) and we are lucky they don't hassle people over "internet" coupons. I bought the canned tomatoes with $1 off coupons printed from the web. If you can use them - just do a search on "Muir Glen" and I am sure it will come up for you! Good luck - and most of all happy savings!