Saturday, May 31, 2008

More 5/31 Expressions

A few "things" that will save us some $ stay in the back of my mind. Things I don't really want to do. Two things lately and I finally did one. I purchased a gift certificate with a 60% off code months ago. Last month, it was in the news that the owner of restaurant for which I purchased the certificate had been arrested for criminal activity and had sold his restaurant. Yesterday, I called Restaurant.Com's customer service and with no hassle, they gave me credit to buy $50 worth of gift certificates. We will be going on our business/pleasure trip in a couple of weeks. What better way to save some more $. So, I got 2 $25 gift certificates to restaurants close to our hotel - for nothing extra out of our pocket. The other thing I need to get going on is - I saved my receipts when I bought some plants a few months ago. I bought 2 Hydrangea plants and they did not do well at all. I believe they told me they have a 1 year return policy. I need to dig out the receipt and the two dead plants and get my $ back - if I remember right, just over $10 with tax.

Oh and one other thing I plan to write about later - my dislike for Citi-bank! I have decided to cancel my "Rewards Card" - but before I do, I have enough points for a $10 gift card. I ordered a bookstore one for my husband. After I get it, I will be cancelling my Citi-bank card - buh - baiiii! Asta - lasvista, sayonara, . . .

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