Friday, August 1, 2008

8/1 Expressions

Wow - July just flew by.

Recycling: My husband proudly told me that he received $19 for his soda cans and he thinks the quantity was less than the last time - so, the price per lb must have gone up. Then they picked up the freecycled table - it is very nice. Also, during a break today, I made a few more "yo-yos" - still a ways to go before I can make a "quilt" or coverlet.

Entertainment: We will be going out to dinner tonight - and it won't be frugal. But afterwards, we are attending a free event at a local bookstore. It is advertised that they will have entertainment, prizes, and generally fun things to do tonight.

Groceries: My husband and daughter spent $27 at Aldi. They came home with some nice produce and the basics. I will round out the groceries on Sunday with a fistful of coupons.

Mail: My husband received some free golf balls in the mail. Those will probably end up at the consignment store. A rebate check came. Sunsilk samples and coupons too.

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