Friday, August 29, 2008

8/29 Expressions

Today was a short day at work. Right afterward, I drove to a freecycler's yard and dug up varigated lirope and lilies. I loaded up the car with a shovel, gloves, and 2 plastic tubs for my haul before leaving for work this a.m. I got free exercise to boot. Of course I did not feel like cooking. So, on the way home, I did a quick Kroger shop for the entire week. I found a refund form for $10 back when you buy at least $30 in various grocery items. I found another one for $25 off $100 worth of groceries. Both of these were from beer companies. No beer purchase required in my state. Dinner tonight was cheese stuffed crust pizza by Digiorno - it was delicious and on sale for $4.99. I also baked Banquet skinless chicken - tasty (and plenty of leftovers for another meal) and marked down slices of watermelon. Okay, I didn't make a salad or veggies - but I think we will survive. I already have my rebate form/receipts in the mail.

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