Monday, November 3, 2008

11/3 Expressions

Sometimes it is good to do some financial matters maintenance. I just noticed that my 401K will be maxed out about 2 pay checks early. Ahem, I think that could be a nice problem to have - however, I will miss out on some matching contribution. I think I have caught it in time - and will be lowering my contributions for the next two months. Oh, and we own a few shares of J.M. Smuckers - spun off of something, anyway, we got a nice little check which included an additional one-time dividend payment of $5 per share because they are mergin with Folgers. That was a nice surprise - of course if I was paying closer attention - I might have been expecting it. Also, tomorrow could be a good freebie day if you have the time and inclination. Many places are giving freebies and good deals to voters. I know Starbucks is giving a tall one. Ben and Jerry's - a scoop between 5-8 PM. I thought I might have seen an add for Krispie Creme for a free doughnut. I got an e-mail for Captain D's - $1.99 fish 'n chips for voters. I am sure there are more.

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