Sunday, November 30, 2008

11/30 Expressions

We did not shop on Black Friday - but I heard on the news sales were better than last year? We had a nice Thanksgiving meal with family - froze left-overs, packed the car and headed for our beach condo. We took care of minor maintenance issues (used the Home Depot Gift cards I purchased earlier for the free movie tickets), took the "inventory" items in and had fun. We used 2 of the three $25 Restaurant.Com gift certificates we had - one manager stated he quit taking the certificate last month. So, I will need to call about that. We did shop at the outlet mall on Saturday - got some great bargains, but also contended with crowds and stormy weather. Tomorrow, I will be mailing off one book I sold on; mailing in a rebate for a $20 grocery store gift card; and mailing in a rebate for $10 for buying the Home Depot gift cards. Oh, we saw gas prices as low as $1.59/gal. We stopped at Aldi on our way home for our groceries this week.

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