Monday, December 22, 2008

12/22 Expressions

Did I mention that I was able to get a few of the "free" after extra-care bucks items at CVS yesterday? I went later in the afternoon, and for $12.XX out of pocket got 2 Sally Hansen Nail polishes (I looked at a display and there were $2 off coupons to boot), 1 "Hip" eye shadow duo, 1 Arm & Hammer Essential Spray Cleaner, 2 bottles of multi-vitamins (no ecbs on them - used ecbs in the "second" transaction), a box of Russell Stover Chocolates (a gift and used ecbs in the "second" transaction), and a trial sized lotion. Mail was nice also. I got a coupon for a free 20 oz Dr. Pepper, and 2 rebate checks.

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