Saturday, December 6, 2008

12/5 Expressions

I had a package at the door last night - my annual nice tin of whole cashew nuts for being a volunteer mail decoy. Today, I stocked up on toilet paper. Hopefully, I won't be buying the stuff for a very long time. I had several $1 off White Cloud and the 4 pack double rolls are $2 at Wal-Mart - so, $1 a pack. But even better, I had a bunch of .25/1 Cottonelle that get doubled at Kroger - and they are the only ones around here that carry the 4 pack single roll - for .99. So, after coupon, .49 a pack. I used a new Kroger Gift Card - which had the extra $30 loaded on it from the "Tax Stimulus Deal" Kroger had months ago. So, I feel like I got all of the TP free :) A very kind friend sent me a coupon to get a bouquet of flowers free from Kroger also - so, while the weather is dreary, the view at our dining table is now very cheerful. I also got several other items free with coupons too. I am trying to motivate myself to list one item on ebay and take another load into the consignment shop. Also, to make one more delivery to thrift store. Also, I am going to search for a recipe to use my fresh cranberries for muffins, and am thinking of doing a banana/nut (lots of frozen bananas in the freezer and got some pecans for baking on sale/coupon) muffins for the friend that's treating us to the ballet tomorrow and my two neighbors. Our neighborhood is having their annual luminaria lighting (every street is lined w/luminarias - so beautiful - they use white lunch bags, anchored with a bit of sand and a tea light). Monday if the community Holiday Party - we have never been - but may make it a point to try and attend this year.

I just searched and found a recipe for cranberry/sour cream muffins - very frugal for me. My fresh cranberries were .99 at Aldi and the sour cream was .29 at Kroger after coupon. Off to bake - and warm up the house. I will also be baking the sweet potatoes I got at Aldi - a bag for $1.99 so as not to "waste" space in the oven/electricity.

I also made "stone soup" today - turkey drippings (minus the fat), 1/2 of a Kroger "Manager's Special" rotisserie chicken ($1.75), free after coupon cut green beans - Wal-Mart, leftover mashed sweet potatoes, sample pack of microwavable mac'n cheese, 2 grated carrots (about .20) and spices from the cabinet. It was delicious and warming. Also filling as we also had a nice salad with the soup too. I have enough leftover for several more meals. I also ordered 2 more $25 Staples gift cards. Now I have a total of 4 - and my daughter has 5 teachers. Will have to come-up with something for the 5th.

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