Friday, December 26, 2008

12/26 Expressions

Last minutes financial tasks to complete for 2008: Pay property taxes - done (except the one that is being protested). Although I was charged a convenience fee, I paid on-line with my frequent flyer miles credit card. I am short the miles needed to fly to Hawaii in 2009. We have pretty much agreed to go this summer to celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary and birthday. Also will be paying a big chunk on our HELOC principle. Next month's rate should be in the high 2's (percent). We had one tenant move out on the 8th of Dec and a new one moving in on 1 January - they are paying 1/2 days rent for a few days in December to start moving their stuff in. In any case, we are meeting the installers from Sears to have a new over-the-range microwave installed. Today and through the rest of the weekend, I plan to go through the house and find/itemize items to donate. More clutter gone and a tax deduction. No shopping planned - but we do plan to use the free movie tickets (from purchasing Home Depot gift cards last month) today or sometime this weekend to watch a new release. Lots of leftovers, so not much cooking this weekend either. Booked a few days at our beach condo next week and went through mypoints to order a few 80% off certificates at (Too bad I didn't wait until today - because the deal is is 80% off - but you get a free $25 certificate if you spend at least $11 - if you do, don't forget to go thru mypoints (6 points per dollar) and use the code: CELEBRATE.

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