Monday, December 8, 2008

12/8 Expressions

Mail was great (mostly) today! I got a rebate check, a survey check and sadly, a dividend check for .15. In today's environment, I can't believe companies do this. Postage is more than the dividend. We only own a few shares of the stock - a spin-off (in our defense) - but can't they make-up a policy like: dividends will accumulate until - or electronic deposit only - or something? Another nice thing I got in the mail - a coupon for a free 1/2 gal of Horizon milk from Mom Central. People have been reporting that JCPenney is sending them $10 Gift Coupons - and they used to send them to me. What did I get today a $10/$25 - is that because they know I will try to spend close to the $10. I am sure it was some sort of marketing demographics thing they did. Also, my photographer (daughter) took pictures of the luminarias and the gifts we baked the other evening. Unfortunately, our Tech Guy - (husband) won't have time to upload the photos until tomorrow.

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