Sunday, December 28, 2008

12/28 Expressions

If you have a Kroger, this week will be a good one to combine Proctor & Gamble products on sale with a $5 off your order if you purchase $25 in qualifying products with coupons you might have received in the mail, Sunday paper, and coupons you can load onto your Kroger card. Also, if you have receipts for qualifying P&G products, you can send off for $120 in P&G coupons. I did the deal, but the coupons loaded on the card did not deduct - so, I have an e-mail in - hopefully, I won't have to return the items to the store. Also today, finished getting items ready to donate to a local thriftstore and have some clothes ready to take to the dry cleaners with my $2.19 per item coupon. I was invited to a semi-formal milestone birthday extravaganza thrown by a former office-mate. I ordered a black velvet/organza dress off of ebay for $18. The dress is a tad bit too short. Good thing the colors are black/gold/silver - or any combination - so, I stopped at Hancock fabric and was able to find gold fabric with laced edges on both sides - I am cutting off both sides to add to the bottom of the dress and plan to the middle part of the lace to fabric to create a shawl - I am hoping to piece together black velveteen fabric from a pair of pants together for that. So, the fabric for 1.5 yards was around $12. I figured I needed atleast 2 yards of lace - for similar quality size - it was $7.49 a yard - so, I did well, I think :)

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