Wednesday, August 11, 2010

8/11 Expressions

Not much frugal today - but I wanted to post a picture of my first "Amigurumi" fish - I think making Amigurumi could be a frugal hobby as it takes so little yarn to make various projects - so, scrap yarn is easily used up. In frugal news, I have called BP as I have not received a check - and they tell me that it is "in the mail" :( Last month one rental property had air conditioning problems - fortunately, it was an easy fix and it was a few dollars more than the service charge. Unfortunately today, the property mgmt company called - and another unit is having problems and the estimate to fix the problem is in the $500 range. I guess this heat wave is probably causing units to be over-used and accerlating breakdowns?  P.S. my daughter is the creative photographer of this photo.

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