Sunday, August 8, 2010

8/8 Expressions

Rant for the week: Dividend checks that do not make sense. We received a dividend check from HST (Host Resorts & Hotels) in the amount of .05 - yup, you read it right. I don't know how much it takes to mail a commerical piece of mail - but between handling, etc. - this transaction is a loss for the company - and me. We probably own 1 share - must have spun off from a few shares of some other hotel stock we purchased a few shares of? Anyway, it would make more sense for them to entice me with a buy-out - i.e., buy back my 1 share? fractional share? at the selling price with no transaction fee - I would gladly do it. In better news, I cashed out for another $5 e-gift card from swagbucks. I matched up some coupons for the Kroger buy 8 of certain items, get $4 off deal. My husband and daughter will stop and get those items (mostly yogurt), plus stop at Publix for 2 more quarts of the Lactaid milk with the $2 off Blinkie coupons - after they stop at Staples for a few more school supplies and more printer ink. They will take along the empty cartridge for the reward bucks and there's a coupon for $5/$50 in today's paper. My daughter will also be taking 3 Bic buy 2 get $1 off - hopefully for some cheap pens - we got 1 in the paper today and printed 2 off the internet. I just picked a bit more Basil and Rosemary from the neighbor's garden as my daughter's cat babysitting gig ends today. This afternoon I am boiling eggs, and making a bunch of vegetarian pizzas (w/tortillas for the crust) to take with me for lunch. I have been packing breakfast/lunch/and snacks when I can. Those cheap yogurts from Kroger will be a great addition too.

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