Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8/17 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the week:  We finally received an "interim emergency payment" from BP yesterday.  It was 55% of my claim - either way, I am tired of dealing with the current adjuster and made a request that my file be transferred to a center that specializes in condo rentals.  It may cause a bit of a slow down - but better than getting high blood pressure dealing with this adjuster.  You can bet I deposited it today, with $15 in rolled coins, I stopped at the consignment store and picked up 2 small checks (this $ goes to my daughter) and a few other small checks - including the .05 dividend check.  I got a call from the "Y" - for signing up early for membership - they are sending 2 t-shirts (she asked what size), a $25 Visa Card, and something else.  Then, while looking thru my purse, I saw the letter from the local Art Museum about re-newing my membership - there in an obsecure ad form, it said I could ask for a 1/2 priced membership if I signed up by the 15th.  I was thinking "a day late, a dollar short" - but then thought it wouldn't hurt to call.  Sure enough, they said if I paid by CC on the phone, they would do it.  So, I did.  This week I also won 2 20 oz Coke coupons (for my husband) and a Burger King Croisandwich? coupon on Listia for very few points.

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