Saturday, August 21, 2010

8/21 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the day:  I cashed in 115 points at Recyclebank for a 1 year magazine subscription for my daughter.  We went to the mall and we she spent some $, but we got the following freebies, ice cream cup from Ben & Jerry's, 2 pair of underwear from Victoria's Secret, free 2.5 oz lotion from Victoria's secret - thanks to coupons mailed to us, or printed off the internet.  We went to the Art Museum and saw a wonderful collection and ate at the Italian cafe - we shared an entree - it was wonderful.  My daughter just left with her adoptive grandmother and they are doing some volunteer work:  painting.  Either today or tomorrow - I plan to dye my own hair, trim it myself, and give myself a mani, pedi - how's that for frugal and give myself a boost.  And hopefully good news, Kenneth R. Feinburg takes over processing claims starting Monday.  Although, apparently, I will need to fill out a new long application, I supposedly not have to re-submit information.  Hopefully, all will go a lot smoother than it has been.  I read where he is saying they will process the claims within days - hope it is true.  I saw on a link for a blog where the person is designing 1 clothing item per day out of another item (upcycling) and spending no more than $365 for 1 year.  Pretty inspirational - maybe I can look at the stuff we have an convince my daughter to take that on as a hobby - create something "new" out of something you already have. 


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