Friday, September 10, 2010

9/10 Expressions

Frugal deeds for the week: Last night, I was pitying myself about the lack of "stuff" I had to choose from to make my breakfast, lunch and snacks for today. I had run out of fresh fruit - my tortilla pizzas were gone, yada, yada. Instead of hopping into the car and heading to the grocery - I shopped from my pantry/freezer. I made a nice batch of fruit smoothies with the frozen strawberries, bananas, and melon I had frozen earlier before they went "bad" - also added yogurt which I have plenty of since they have been a great buy lately with a sale and a coupon. So, this morning, I had a smoothie for breakfast. Lunch, I had a few sandwich buns from last weekend that I kept in the fridge. A small bit of chicken. A few decent pieces of field greens from a bag almost gone/going bad. Basil from the neighbors. I made a sub sandwich - cut it in half - and placed it in a clamshell container I had washed and kept from a previous deli purchase. Also, I had a few odds and ends of small tomatoes from my neighbor and my own plants, and a few banana peppers - those were washed and became a snack. I guess what I am trying to say is that sometimes a new perspective, or arrangement of the stuff we have that may not be satisfying by themselves - can lead to lead to fulfillment or satisfaction. The sandwich almost seemed gourmet - as did the smoothie :) As for other financial news, I received a rebate on a razor - it was a "money maker" - after sale, coupon and rebate. I am still waiting for Ken Feinburg to process my claim - it has been in review status now for 15 days - very frustrating :(

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